Neighbours Spoilers: Scarlett’s Plot Puts Ned In The Hospital — Stalker Refuses To Accept His Friendship Offering?

Neighbours Spoilers: Ned Willis (Ben Hall) - Scarlett Brady (Christie Whelan Browne)Neighbours hunk Ned Willis (Ben Hall) is left in hospital after Scarlett Brady’s (Christie Whelan Browne) stalking plan steps up a notch.

Though new comer Scarlett is obsessively in love with Ned Willis, it doesn’t stop her from setting a trap in which he is to get hurt.

Viewers will watch as Ned finally gives into temptation and gives Scarlett what she wants, following his split from Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer). The two end up sleeping together, but in scenes that will air next week, Scarlett refuses to accept that Ned wants to remain only friends with her.

Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett Brady’s Plot Puts Ned Willis In Danger

Stopping at nothing to get what she wants, Scarlett comes up with a plot that puts Ned in danger, but potentially back in her arms. She pretends to have left her phone at the tram and asks Ned to join her while she goes to pick it up. As it’s late at night and dark out, Ned is happy to help.

But it’s a trap, and she’s organised for someone to speed towards them on a motorbike, leaving Ned badly injured while she gets away harm free.

Ned is reluctant to go to hospital, but she convinces him to go, which is good as he has dislocated his shoulder and must stay in overnight. This is good for Scarlett, who convinces Ned that he should stay with her for a little while whilst she looks after him.

Neighbours Spoilers – Scarlett Brady Stops Yashvi Rebecchi From Visiting

But it doesn’t end here. She also stops Yashvi from visiting Ned and deletes all the texts from his phone that she sends, convincing Ned that she’s actually is ignoring him.

This delights Scarlett and enables her to move onto her next plan… luring Ned into the bath and seducing him.

A warm bath will help Ned’s shoulder… but what will happen next? Tune into Neighbours to find out!

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