General Hospital Spoilers: GH Wes Ramsey Pens New Book!

Peter August (Wes Ramsey)

General Hospital star Wes Ramsey, who plays Peter August on the soap, is releasing a new book on Halloween – October 31, 2019!

“Into The Black” is his second book, his first book having been written in 2014 and called “Salt And Sand”. He also spoke to Soap Opera News in a recent interview about his second book, and also about his first book. He noted that when he wrote his first book it was something he had never done before, although he had written poetry all his life. “Into The Black” is a compilation of five years of his poetry and is available for purchase through his website,

GH Spoilers– Life Imitates Art – Or Does Art Imitate Life?

Life imitates art – or does art imitate life? As his General Hospital alter ego, Peter August, he wrote a book that led to the discovery of his true identity of Heinrik Faison called “The Severed Branch” but as Wes mentioned, he’s been writing longer than he has been acting.

On Instagram, he noted, “All my life I’ve written. I never knew where it came from or why I started, I just knew I had to do it. All these years later so much about it is still a mystery to me, but I’ve long since embraced it as a calling in my life, but only more recently as a deeply personal gift to share with the world. With that said, I’m proud to announce that four weeks from today, on Halloween, I will release INTO THE BLACK as the second volume of my work. It will be available at I hope it finds its way to those it belongs with…”INTO THE BLACK”.

Wes Ramsey Also Has A Message For His General Hospital Fans

Wes also wanted to share a message with his General Hospital fans in a previous interview with Soap Opera News where he first talked about his new book, and that is that he is not leaving General Hospital and that he has heard the rumors of General Hospital being canceled. He doesn’t know where the rumors are coming from and he has heard no such thing!

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