General Hospital News: Port Charles Alum Carly Schroeder Talks About Leaving Hollywood And Joining The Army

General Hospital News: Serena (Carly Schroeder)Also known as Serena on “Port Charles,” Carly Schroeder has made a decision that has shocked many. She told Soaps In Depth she’s taking a five-year break from Hollywood to join the army. She’s learned a lot since she joined “Port Charles” back when she was just six years old.

Schroeder learned what to do, how to be professional, and how to interact with people. She got the support she needed and it did not only help her land bigger gigs like “Ouija House” and “Deadly Shores” but also encouraged her to make a huge decision and that’s to join the Army.

It seems like Schroeder was built for this. She has a criminal justice degree, and she’s been training with Army Special Forces and the SWAT team members as she prepares for a role in an upcoming action film.

General Hospital News – Brother A Marine, Her Father An Army Green Beret

Plus, coming from a family who’s been serving the country, it’s not surprising that she’ll do what she can to do her part as well. Schroeder’s brother is a Marine while her father served as an Army Green Beret.

She already knew what she wanted but spent time to explore the different branches of the military. When the time came that she was asked by an Army recruiter to convince him that she’ll be an asset, she replied, “I was raised on loyalty and am willing to put the mission first. I care about people and think that it’s the highest honor to defend and protect others.”

Schroeder went to South Carolina back in May. She attended a boot camp and entered an Officer Candidate School in Georgia. Schroeder also had to prepare her body – she worked out and went hiking, running, and circuit training. She also shared that Hollywood body is different from an Army body. She had to gain weight, and she’s enjoying eating more.

General Hospital News – Wants To Advocate For Fellow Army Veterans

When asked about her future plans, she answered that military counter intelligence, military police work, as well as the armor and explosive ordinance disposal are high up on her list. But she doesn’t really care where she’ll be assigned as long as she can make a difference.

She added, “So I would like to learn things in the military that can help me once I’m out to not only spread the message about it but also be on the team that can help fight and better assist those victims.

“Being an actress, I kind of get swept under the rug when I start speaking out about it. But once I’m part of the [military] family, I can better advocate for my fellow veterans.”

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