Emmerdale Spoilers: Billy Fletcher Makes Risky Decision By Contacting Max

Emmerdale spoilers

On Emmerdale, Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) decides to contact Max, a move that could end up putting the life of his bother Ellis Chapman (Asan N’Jie) at risk. His brother has been fearing for his life following the horrific stabbing incident in the Big Night Out episodes.

Although the culprit behind the Ellis’ stabbing last April is unlikely to come back, Billy thinks another villain, Max (Jordan Reece), will pose a threat to Ellis. Viewers may recall that Billy ruined Max’s plans for a warehouse robbery and the latter may want to get revenge for what had happened.

As Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) becomes more concerned for Ellis, Billy makes a move and calls Max, warning him to stay away from Ellis. Is this the right decision or will Billy be the one to put his brother’s life in danger by getting in touch with Max?

Emmerdale Spoilers– Billy Revealed Stabbing Truth

Last month, Billy confessed about what really happened to Ellis during the Big Night Out. He revealed that Kaiden and Tyler were the ones behind Ellis’ stabbing. The pair had an old grudge to settle as they were the brothers of Riley, whom Billy attacked and went to jail for in the past. Now, there is a new threat to Ellis life and it still has something to do with Billy.

Emmerdale viewers may recall that Billy had received phone calls from an old acquaintance, Max. Billy knew him before he went to prison, and they have a history that needs some closure. It was revealed that Billy ruined Max plans to rob a warehouse when he decided to back out at the last minute. Now that he is in town, Billy strongly believes that Max is out to get revenge.

Emmerdale Spoilers– Max Sends Ellis In Panic Mode

Ellis will suffer a panic attack after seeing someone he thinks is Max. Aaron tries to calm his friend down but Ellis remains terrified and storms off. He then tells Billy about Ellis’ fears and this prompts Billy to call Max and urge him to stay away from his family. However, Billy’s warning doesn’t do much as Max retaliates by sending a threatening text to Ellis, which causes the latter to have another panic attack.

Billy tries to track down Max, and he finds the place where Max is staying, a young man tells him that Max took off to find him. This leaves Billy fearing for his brother, who is left alone in their house holding a rolling pin in his hands as he hears a rattling sound at the door. Could it be Max or will Ellis end up attacking an innocent person?

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