Neighbours Spoilers Week of January 29: Regrets, Betrayals, And Shocking Confession

Neighbours Spoilers Week of January 29: Regrets, Betrayals, And Shocking ConfessionNeighbours spoilers tease that the week of January 29 will be action packed and full of must-see drama, you won’t want to miss a single episode!  Check out our detailed Neighbours spoilers for the week below, and let us know what you think in the comment section.

Monday 29th January

  • Tyler is devastated after Piper’s video makes him look like a thug, meaning his defense is ruined. To help her daughter, Terese tries to reason with Tim Collins, who agrees to pull the story from his website if he can have an exclusive interview with Piper after the trial. However, it becomes clear that the public aren’t quick to forget, leaving Tyler to confront Piper for making everything worse.
  • Elsewhere, Aaron tries to win back David but fails. Aaron is gutted that he ruined everything with the man he loves and in his vulnerable state Rory makes a move on him.
  • Meanwhile, Sonya receives a distressing call from her sister Jade in America. Her half-sister Zoe’s cancer has returned and she must seek treatment immediately. After an emotional farewell on Ramsay Street, Sonya and Nell head to the state.

Tuesday 30th January

  • When Aaron is about to tell Rory they can’t see each other, he claims that his room has been trashed by Mick, a stalker from Aaron’s dancing days. Aaron is understandably shaken, but Rory insists they if they stick together he’ll be safe. However, when Rory meets up with Mick later on, it’s clear all is not as it seems.
  • Sheila reveals that she has two big regrets – dropping out of school and messing things up with Clive. Being a good friend, Dipi decides to help by arranging Clive to be a guest lecturer at a night school, then convinces Sheila to go to complete her studies there.
  • Meanwhile, Amy is furious when Paul announces her as the project manager for his new real estate development, Robinson Heights, when she hasn’t agreed to take the position yet. 

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Wednesday 31st January

  • Feeling stressed about Mick, Aaron asks Mishti if he can take out an intervention order, but she admits that there’s not much the police can do. Freaked out, Aaron agrees that Rory should stay the night.
  • Meanwhile, Adrian Syder visits Tyler at the garage and tells him that he works for Philip Banks, a dangerous man at the jail Tyler is likely to be sent to. Syder threatens him – if he wants to be safe in jail he must find out if Bank’s wife is being unfaithful.
  • Paige is desperate to contact Mark following Louise’s light sentencing for the murder of his father. Jack suggests they both go to Adelaide to look for Mark in person, but is he just looking for a way to spend more time with Paige?

Thursday 1st February

  • Tyler begins to spy on Verity when she invites him up to her room. He agrees to see what he can find out, despite Piper’s reservations. However, when Tyler is there she tells him that she knows what he is doing, as her husband has sent other men to do the same thing before.
  • Later on, Toadie reveals that someone else has confessed to killing Hamish, so Tyler won’t be going to jail! But who came forward?
  • Elsewhere, Elly warns Xanthe that she’s received a call to say Xanthe is selling alcohol at school. They are sure it’s a mistake, but Xanthe opens her bag and finds alcohol in there.


Friday 2nd February

  • Tyler is shocked when he hears that his mother Fay confessed to killing Hamish. Tyler is convinced she’s protecting him, but Fay sticks to her story. Tyler turns to Mishti to help him disprove his mother’s confession.
  • Xanthe defends herself, insisting that the alcohol in her school bag isn’t hers, but Elly is forced to conduct an investigation. Xanthe then gets suspended from work, despite her innocence. When Jimmy hears what’s happened, he heads straight to Xanthe and tells him he will sort everything out.
  • Karl and Susan return moody from England after a tension-filled vacation. Over coffee with Sheila, Susan confesses that things are tense around Izzy, and she and Karl don’t know how to handle her.

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