Neighbours Spoilers Week Of January 22: Relationships Tested, A BBQ Disaster, Shady Business Deals

Neighbours Spoilers Week Of January 22: Relationships Tested, A BBQ Disaster, Shady Business Deals Neighbors spoilers for the week of January 22 tease some action-packed drama on the Aussie soap opera.  Fans won’t want to miss a moment of the action on Neighbours.

Monday 22nd January

  • When David sees Rory wearing a tour T-shirt from Paris 2017, he is convinced that Rory and Aaron must have met up there last November. When David confronts Aaron, the look on his face confirms the worst. Aaron does his best to assure him that nothing happened, but with the lie carrying on so long David isn’t sure what to believe. Can their relationship be saved?
  • Piper receives notice that she’s been given a place at her first choice university in Queensland. She decides to defer the start date so she can stay in Erinsborough to support Tyler, but he urges her to accept the offer and not give up her dreams because of him.
  • After Jack’s violent outburst against Mark, Amy believes that Jack still has feelings for Paige. Will Amy reach out to her friend with advice?


Tuesday 23rd January

  • David goes to perhaps the wrong person for relationship advice – his father Paul. After everything Aaron has done, Paul states that ‘once a liar, always a liar’. For this reason, David invites Aaron over and tells them that their relationship is over.
  • When Toadie announces that Tyler has a high chance of being convicted, Piper knows what she has to do to help. She goes to Ben and asks him to change his police statement, making it sound as if Tyler acted in self-defence.
  • Sheila still isn’t over Doctor Clive. Dipi therefore helps her to come up with a plan to recapture his heart.

Wednesday 24th January

  • When Xanthe finds out what Piper asked Ben to do she is enraged. She confronts Piper and calls her selfish, leading to Piper apologising and withdrawing her request. However, Ben still feeling torn and guilty about Tyler’s position after his statement.
  • Jimmy wants to buy Kirsha a watch that turns voice into text, but he doesn’t have enough money. Paul suggest that he should raise the money himself, but he isn’t sure how. Later, Tia suggests that Jimmy could steal bar bottles from Lassiters and sell them to her brother.
  • Sheila bares her heart to Clive and tells her that she would love him to give them another chance. Thankfully for her, Clive agrees to think about it.

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Thursday 25th January

  • Steph is downcast when she returns home to find that Jack isn’t waiting for her as planned. Instead, he is picking up Paige and Gabe from the airport. But to her delight, he later decides to spend a romantic evening with her.
  • Shane has a potential customer for his generator, but after Leo tells him to demand for a higher offer, the investor pulls out altogether. Feeling bad, Leo offers to install a generator at the Backpackers for exposure, rather than money. Dipi is infuriated, believing Leo orchestrated everything to get a cheap deal for himself.
  • Xanthe is in trouble when the hotel realises that bottles from the mini-bar are going missing. Paul insists that Terese punishes Xanthe, not knowing it is Jimmy who is the thief.

Friday 26th January

  • Determined to help Tyler, Piper creates a Pipe-Up vlog featuring his family and friends singing his praises. However, her plan backfires when a troll posts an old video of Piper complaining about Tyler’s attack on T-Bone.
  • The West Waratah Star gets hold of the story, and paints Tyler out as a violent thug. With potential jurors possibly seeing the video, has Piper’s well-intentioned plan ruined it for Tyler?
  • The failed generator deal causes tension in the Sharma-Rebecchi house, can an Australian Day family BBQ help ease this? It seems not, as Leo and Dipi accidently fall in the pool together!
  • Jack and Paige decide to have baby Gabe christened, each are tasked to pick a godparent. Jack wants at least one to be Catholic so asks Amy, presuming that Paige will ask Mark. He’s shocked when he finds out that Paige has Terese in mind!

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