General Hospital WILD RUMOR: Kiki Dies Trying To Save Griffin From Ryan

General Hospital WILD RUMOR: Kiki Dies Trying To Save Griffin From RyanGeneral Hospital (GH) rumours reveals Ava (Maura West) continues to see “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom) professionally. Ava has no idea that she is dealing with a serial killer. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) falls for Ava and decides to kill Griffin (Matt Cohen) to prove his love for her. However, Kiki (Hayley Erin) stumbles upon Ryan and Griffin and attempts to save her lover, only to die trying.

Ava Wants Revenge, Ryan Needs A Victim

Ava is determined to make General Hospital’s Griffin pay for what she sees as a betrayal; she wants Kiki to pay as well. Ava believes she is talking these issues out with Kevin Collins. However, she is sitting up Griffin to be Ryan Chamberlain’s anniversary victim. Ryan is fascinated by Ava and her need to get revenge. Ryan sees his equal in Ava and believes they can be a super serial killing couple. Ryan decides he can make his first victims out of anyone who has hurt Ava in the past and Griffin is at the top of the list.


Griffin and Kiki Plan To Attend The Film Festival

General Hospital’s Griffin and Kiki decided their first date would be the Port Charles film festival. Griffin isn’t an avid movie buff, but Kiki is. Kiki wants to expose Griffin to the classic films available at the festival. Perhaps Kiki and Griffin decide to meet at the festival instead of going together. Griffin is no longer working at the hospital, but Kiki is so Ryan can keep an eye on her work schedule. Ryan could feel that Kiki’s revenge should be finding Griffin’s dead body. However, Kiki could get off early and go to the festival to surprise Griffin only to find him being attacked by “Kevin.” Kiki could rush in to try and help save Griffin.

Leave No Witnesses

General Hospital’s Ryan has gotten away with taking over his brother’s life. Ava has no idea of his obsession with her. Ryan is not going to leave a witness to his crime, not even Ava’s daughter. Ryan knows that Ava wants nothing to do with Kiki at this time. In Ryan’s mind, he’s not only covering up his crime; he’s giving Ava what she wants, both Kiki and Griffin out of her life. Ryan will likely find a way to subdue Griffen, who is already badly hurt and kill Kiki in front of him.

Griffin will be powerless to help her and Kiki will most like declare her love with her dying breath. Ryan would then turn his attention back to Griffin then and attempt to finish him off. Griffin knows he is dying, but he wants justice for Kiki, so he goes limp and plays dead until Ryan leave. Griffin then makes his way to Kiki only to find that she is indeed dead. Ryan manages to reach Kiki’s phone and deal 911 before he passes out. When the police arrive, they find Kiki dead, and with his dying breath, Griffin utters Ryan Chamberlain.

What do you think General Hospital fans?  Is this just wild speculation or do you think this can be true??

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General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network.

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