General Hospital RUMOR: Carly’s Memory Loss – Victim Of Brain Mapping?

General Hospital RUMOR: Carly's Memory Loss - Victim Of Brain Mapping?General Hospital spoilers indicate Kevin Collins [Jon Lindstrom] left town knowing Carly’s situation.  Now Carly  Corinthos [Laura Wright] has been turned over to Dr. Lazarus.  Could “Kevin” be in on Dr. Lazarus’ plans for Carly?

Kevin Commented On Dr. Lazarus’ Electroshock Therapy

Kevin told Jason that Dr. Lazarus has a new approach to Electroshock Therapy.  Could Dr. Larazus have his own brain mapping procedure instead?  How many ways can Electroshock Therapy be done really?  Why would you use this therapy on a perfectly sane person? It’s obvious that the doctor’s therapy is not helping the other patients.  It’s also obvious that Carly is in real trouble.

Could Dr. Lazarus Be Working On Brain Mapping Instead?

Mary Pat keeps saying that Carly will be a new person.  A new person leads one to believe totally changed.  Electroshock therapy can lead to the various problem including memory loss.  Why would this doctor want Carly to lose her memory?  Could memory loss be the plan all along? Could Dr. Lazarus be interested in memory mapping instead?


We all know that General Hospital’s Drew Cain [Billy Miller] has Jason Morgan’s [Steve Burton] memories from the procedure. Maybe Dr. Lazarus wants to give Carly someone else’s memories.  Dr. Lazarus maybe has a lost love who is in a coma or brain dead even.  Maybe Dr. Lazarus is someone from Carly’s past and wants her for himself. Could Dr. Lazarus be working on Alzheimer’s research even?  Carly has never seen Dr. Lazarus but will soon.

Could Dr. Lazarus Have Something Worse In Mind?

If Dr. Lazarus cannot get the results he wants from the electroshock therapy.  If perhaps the brain mapping doesn’t work with Carly either.  Could Dr. Lazarus have something more sinister in mind? We know that Kevin or Ryan, whichever brother he is kept Faison’s brain.  Maybe Dr. Lazarus has an even more evil plan in mind.  Could Dr. Lazarus be working with someone to attempt a brain transplant?

Maybe Faison’s brain was kept alive on a machine somehow.  Perhaps the plan is to sacrifice Carly to attempt to study Faison’s brain further.  Imagine having the ability to take a brain-dead person and revive their body with a transplant.  We know this isn’t possible in the real word but Jason was frozen and brought back.  Could this be the next medical miracle of soaps?

Dr. Lazarus is certainly up to something and Kevin doesn’t seem very concerned.  Viewers have to wonder if Kevin himself as well. Lazarus came back from the dead.  Maybe Dr. Lazarus plans to bring others back as well.

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General Hospital airs weekdays on the ABC network.

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