General Hospital RECAP Thursday, July 26: Carly Headed For Electroshock Therapy

General Hospital RECAP Thursday, July 26: Carly Headed For Electroshock TherapyGeneral Hospital (GH) recap for Thursday, July 26, 2018 reveals, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) arrives at the hospital. Alexis and Julian (William DeVry) talk about Kiki (Eden McCoy). Alexis tells Brad (Parry Shen) the baby was born last night.

Brad Heads Home With The Baby

Alexis just found out about the baby. Alexis says the baby will be there in 20 minutes. Alexis tells Brad to get ready to take his son home. Brad tells Julian about the nursery. Alexis brings the baby to Brad and Julian. Brad holds the baby for the first time. Julian records the moment for him. Brad talks to the baby about Lucas (Ryan Carnes). Brad is afraid of breaking the baby.

Julian assures Brad he has plenty of support. Brad and Julian wonder about the chances of losing the baby. Alexis tells Julian she has this under control. Brad offers to let Julian hold the baby. Brad takes the baby home. Julian tells Alexis he wonders when he can hold him again.

Chase Agrees To Nelle’s Plan

General Hospital’s Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) tells Chase (Josh Swickard) she wants this locked down so Michael (Chad Duell) doesn’t get hurt. Chase plays the recording to Jordan. Chase tells Jordan Michael wants a confession out of Nelle (Chloe Lanier) first. Chase tells Nelle Michael’s car is rigged to crash. Nelle tells Chase she will have Michael drop her off and send him away. Nelle tells Chase Michael has to die.

Nelle Quits The Gallery

General Hospital’s Michael and Nelle are leaving the hospital. Nelle just left Kim’s (Tamara Braun) office. Michael and Nelle run into Ava (Maura West). Ava asks about Carly (Laura Wright), Michael says she can’t have visitors. Nelle tells Ava about the wedding. Nelle tells Ava not to bring Carly up around Michael anymore. Michael meets Chase in the park. Chase tells Michael the car is rigged. Michael wants the plan put into motion now. Nelle tells Ava she won’t be back after the baby is born. Nelle tells Ava she made herself an accomplice. Chase wants to meet Nelle in the park.

Ava goes to the Quartermaine’s to see Michael. Ava tells Michael Carly is talking about her as Nelle’s accomplice. Michael tells Ava she needs to be worried about Carly, not him. Ava gives Nelle her final paycheck and leave. Nelle tells Michael she ran into Chase. Chase still wants a reunion Nelle says. Michael threatens to call Jordan. Nelle tells Michael Chase knows she’s with him “until death do us part”. Michael offers to pick up the lollipops for her bag. Nelle thinks the car will mess up a few minutes into a trip. Nelle asks Michael to take her to GH on his way. Michael agrees and they leave.

Franco Visits Ferncliff

General Hospital’s Franco (Roger Howarth) is waiting to talk to Kevin (Jon Lindstrom). Liz (Rebecca Herbst) asks Franco if he doesn’t have a meeting. Franco leaves. Franco is working at Ferncliff. Franco approaches Carly. Carly asks Franco if Nelle is there. Carly tells Franco she can see and hear Nelle. Carly tells Franco they keep giving her drugs. Carly tells Franco he has to get her out of there. Franco tells Carly he can’t help her. Carly tells Franco to get in touch with Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) for her. Carly yells for Nelle to get away. Jason overhears Franco tell Liz he can’t help the Ferncliff patients.


Kevin Tells Jason About Dr. Lazarus

General Hospital’s Kevin walks into Sonny’s living room with Kevin. Sonny wants to know how they can get Carly home. Kevin doesn’t blame Carly but he thought she was in good hands. Kevin tells Sonny it might not be possible to get Carly out now. Kevin tells Sonny Carly’s escape has hurt her chances of release. Sonny tells Kevin that Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) cannot even see Carly. Kevin says Carly can be reassigned to another doctor.

Sonny tells Kevin to not fail them now. Jason goes to the hospital to see Kevin. Kevin tells Jason there may be more cause for concern. Kevin tells Jason Dr. Lazarus (Casey Biggs) has Carly scheduled for electric shock therapy. Kevin tells Jason it’s happening sometime today. Kevin tells Jason this is for people beyond other help.

Carly Headed For Electroshock Therapy

General Hospital’s Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) is with Carly. Carly is still highly drugged. Mary Pat tells Carly Kevin isn’t helping her. Dr. Lazarus has a long afternoon planned for Carly. Carly is seeing Nelle caused by the drugs. Carly keeps hearing and seeing Nelle. Mary Pat tells Carly she’s not allowed to move without permission. Mary Pat takes Carly to the treatment room.

The Plan Proceeds Tonight

General Hospital’s Sonny goes to Jordan for help. Jordan says they are only away from Carly while she gets treatment. Sonny argues that Carly doesn’t need treatment. Jordan tells Sonny they can’t do anything until Michael gets the confession. Chase tells Jordan and Sonny that will happen tonight.

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