General Hospital RECAP Tuesday, October 9: Oscar Consults With Alexis; Jason And Sam Reconnect

General Hospital RECAP Tuesday, October 9: Oscar Consults With Alexis; Jason And Sam Reconnect General Hospital (GH) recap for Tuesday, October 9 reveals, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright) are at Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) grave, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) interrupts them.

Carly Defends Sonny

Carly knows that Margaux is still trying to come to terms with her father’s death. Margaux had her father buried by Morgan. Carly wants to know how Margaux different from Nelle (Chloe Lanier). Carly tells Margaux to build a case if she wants to but this is not professional. Sonny tells Margaux to stop using his family to come after him. Carly tells Margaux she has no right to cause problems at the graveyard.

Carly tells Margaux she will never charge Sonny because she has no proof. Margaux wants to know how Carly can be with this man. Margaux asks how many people Sonny as put in the ground. Margaux tells Carly she is married to the man who gets away with killing people. Later, Sonny tells Carly that Margaux has a point. Carly tells Sonny that Margaux doesn’t know him.

Carly says Sonny has done some horrible things but not what he could have. Carly tells Sonny that he was Morgan’s hero. Carly is not going to let some bitch ride in and tear down Morgan’s hero. Carly tells Sonny that Morgan wouldn’t want him to give in to Margaux. Carly tells Sonny she loves him and they kiss.

Oscar Overhears His Parents Discussion

General Hospital’s Drew (Billy Miller) goes to visit Kim (Tamara Braun); he thinks they need to get Oscar (Garren Stitt) to change his mind. Oscar is listening as Kim says they will force him to join the trial. Kim tells Drew that until Oscar is 18, his treatment is their choice, not his. Drew doesn’t know about forcing Oscar into a trial that doesn’t work. Drew wants to take Oscar on that hike. Drew wants to be a dad. Drew wants to be the dad that fixes this.

Jocelyn Wants Answers

General Hospital’s Jocelyn (Eden McCoy) calls Oscar and needs to talk she asks him to come to their bench. Oscar wonders into the park, Jocelyn thinks he is there to see her. Jocelyn tells Oscar about the memorial. Jocelyn wants to fix things with Oscar. Oscar tells Jocelyn they are over. Oscar tells Jocelyn he is on the way to meet someone else. Jocelyn demands to know what is wrong. Jocelyn wants to be a part of what Oscar is feeling. Oscar tells Jocelyn he doesn’t love her and never has. Jocelyn tells Oscar she knows he is lying to her.


Terry Tells Liz Kim Will Need Her

General Hospital’s Terry (Cassandra James) is looking over Oscar’s file. Liz (Rebecca Herbst) and Terry talk about Aiden’s (Jason David) fear of school. Terry and Liz discuss the trial and Oscar. Terry tells Liz that Kim is going to need her. Terry goes to talk to Kim about Oscar. Laura talks to Liz about Kevin and wonders if she has seen anything off with him. Laura thinks she is making too big a deal of this.

Liz advises Laura to call Kevin. Terry believes that Oscar could come around and join the trial. Jocelyn goes to visit Kim. Kim asks how Jocelyn is doing. Kim tells Jocelyn she hasn’t done anything wrong. Jocelyn knows it’s Oscar and she begs Kim to tell her how to help him. Jocelyn says this is pathetic, Kim tells her that she cannot get involved. Kim tells Jocelyn she is an amazing woman. Kim thinks Jocelyn is wonderful for Oscar.

Laura Needs Advice

General Hospital’s Laura joins Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn); she needs her help. Laura wants Alexis to give her information for the hospital board issues. Laura notices Alexis’ watch. Alexis tells Laura about the watch and Valentin giving it to her. Laura doesn’t blame Alexis for choosing what connection she wants. Alexis tells Laura the watch keeps stopping at 10:10.

Alexis gets a call, and someone is supposed to meet her at the metro court. Oscar wants Alexis to help him with medical treatment information. Alexis says if the parents are acting in the best interest of the child, the laws are very clear. Alexis tells Oscar there are legal measures a kid can take if they disagree with their parent’s choices.

Sam And Jason Discuss The Future

General Hospital’s Jason (Steve Burton) starts to leave Sam (Kelly Monaco) at the penthouse. Sam wants Jason to stay and talk about this afternoon. Sam offers Jason a drink, he accepts. Sam pulls out some red wine, Jason takes over for her. Jason tells Sam she can tell him anything. Sam tells Jason when they kissed it meant something. Sam says it would have been easy to keep going. Sam isn’t ready to go all the way yet. Sam and Jason want each other; she finds it odd that she still isn’t ready for them to be together.

Sam tells Jason all the feelings came rushing back when they kissed. Sam sees them differently now, Jason understands, and he can wait. Jason is ok if Sam changes her mind later. Sam asks Jason not to step back; she doesn’t want that. Sam enjoys their time together, and Danny (T.K. Weaver) would be disappointed if he stopped coming around. Jason is not impressed with the wine. Jason toasts to cold showers which are something you get used to in time. Sam toast to new beginnings. Drew knocks on the door and apologizes for not calling first. Sam is glad she has them both there together.

Sam wants to be honest about what they know and how they know it. Sam tells Drew that Jason is responsible for Oscar getting in touch with him the day he took off. Drew thanks Jason for convincing Oscar to call. Sam’s first instinct is to run to Drew. Sam agrees that Jason’s way of waiting is for the better. Jason gets up to go, Sam thanks him for tonight and the talk. Jason assures Sam it is all going to be ok. Jason tells Sam the next bottle will be a beer. Sam picks up Jason’s glass and touches where his lips were.

Margaux Wants Drew’s Help

General Hospital’s Drew leaves, Jason asks if Sam is ok. Margaux calls Drew; she thinks they can help each other. Drew wants to know what Margaux wants. Margaux suggests she and Drew meet for breakfast tomorrow.

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