Emmerdale Spoilers: Ross and Rebecca’s Fates Revealed

Emmerdale Spoilers: Ross and Rebecca's Fates RevealedAlthough he’s upset, Ross prepares to leave and bid farewell. Fans of “Emmerdale” are now asking if Ross would really leave alone or is Rebecca going with him. Who is having a crisis conscience? What is Laurel telling Harreit?

Ross Barton made his exit decision on “Emmerdale”’s November 1 episode after Rebecca White goes back on their plan to leave. Ross, played by Michael Parr, and Rebecca, portrayed by Emily Head, made a shocking plan to leave the village together. However, those around them argued against their decision.

Among those who opposed is Robert who will do everything he can to stop Rebecca from taking their son Seb away from him. Rebecca threatened Robert by reminding him that she can simply use his past to prevent him from ever seeing their child. But, Rebecca might have forgotten the fact that Ross shooting Robert may also be raised, but Aaron hopes it would not reach that point and that’s why he begs Rebecca to reconsider.

Charity feels the same way and promises she would not allow Ross to take their son Moses anywhere.

On Friday’s scenes, Rebecca hears Aaron’s plea and she is expected to suggest to Ross that they delay their plans for a few months or until all parties, his and hers, reach an agreement that will put the best interest of their kids first. Ross refuses and decides to do what he intended before the week ends, spoilers via Digital Spy say.

All these means Rebecca will not have any choice but to tell Ross that she and her son Seb won’t be going anywhere. Ross will feel broken hearted but will accept her decision. He will say his emotional goodbyes to Pete and Moira before heading to Liverpool alone.

“Emmerdale” has already announced the exit of Ross from the show. Michael Parr has decided to leave the show to pursue other projects. Does that mean Rebecca will just let Ross go without her?

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