Ross Barton and Rebecca White Exit Stirs Up Huge Drama in ‘Emmerdale’

Ross Barton and Rebecca White Exit Stirs Up Huge Drama in ‘Emmerdale’ Emmerdale viewers have known since earlier this year that one of the soap’s characters, Ross Barton, which is being played by Michael Parr, is set to leave the show. Unfortunately, it might not be just one but two of the show’s favorites who are set to go—Rebecca White seems to be on her way out as well.

Ross, an acid attack survivor, will decide to move on and start fresh, getting over the physical injuries and emotional trauma he had to go through. But leaving may not be as easy as he initially thought. Over the last several weeks, he became close with baby Seb’s mother Rebecca White, which is portrayed by Emily Head. The closeness is bound to make things much more complicated for Ross and his toddler son, Moses, is expected to be badly affected.

There have been reports that Ross is not only set to leave the Yorkshire Dales in next week’s episode but he will also ask Rebecca to go with him. But things won’t go their way thateasily once Charity and Robert find out that they might lose their children. Charity is the mother of Moses and Robert is the father of Seb.

Ross and Rebecca become overly excited at the prospect of starting a new, wonderful and wholesome life with their two children away from Emmerdale. Robert is horrified after hearing the news from Ross’ brother Pete Barton and is ready to move mountains to prevent his son from leaving the village. Meanwhile, Moses’ mother, Charity, is also determined to keep his son by her side.

Scared of the possible consequences of taking the kids away, Rebecca backtracks on their plans and asks Ross to hold off for a few months to see if they are making the right choice. Unfortunately, Ross refuses to give in to his new girlfriend’s request. Because of this, Emmerdale viewers will witness Ross bid farewell to his loved ones as he leaves the village alone.

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