Neighbours Spoilers Week Of December 4: Hamish Murder Mystery Twist, Betrayal, Confessions, And A Kidnapping!

Neighbours Spoilers Week Of December 4: Hamish Murder Mystery Twist, Betrayal, Confessions, And A Kidnapping!

Neighbours spoilers for the week of December 4 – 8 tease must-see drama on the Aussie soap opera, and fans won’t want to miss a single second of Erinsborough’s drama this week!

Monday 4th December

Kirsha is devastated when she learns that her hearing will never recover, and as a result starts to withdraw herself from everyday life. When she tells her father that she will not be attending the Variety Night, he is determined to find a way to make the experience work for her.

Not knowing that the Christmas party is a cover for the vow renewal, Yashvi invites her Grandmother Angie Rebecchi to Erinsborough. However, she has no idea that Angie is the last person Sonya wants to see right now.

Piper experiences another panic attack when getting ready to support Gary at court. She is forced to tell her family the full extent of her problems, and in turn tells Tyler too. He is fully supportive of his girlfriend, and encourages her to begin to face her fears by dipping a toe in the swimming pool.

Tuesday 5th December

Angie is livid when she realises that Sonya and Toadie are back together but nobody told her. Due to her mother-in-law’s constant moaning Sonya wants to cancel the vow renewal all together, leaving Dipi downcast. When Angie starts moaning about Sonya to Dipi, she flips and gives Angie an ultimatum – either accept Toadie and Sonya’s relationship or never be invited to a family event again. Shocked at such a though, she tries to mend things with Sonya.

Elsewhere, Sheila is convinced to remain part of the Variety Show, but when she spots her childhood bully in the back row she quickly backs out and runs away. After some encouragement from Susan, Sheila decides to get back on stage and give the performance of her life, receiving a wild standing ovation.

Paul is still making Terese’s life difficult at work. When complaining about it to Gary, he advices she quits, though she does love the job. For that reason, she gives Paul one last choice – either he finds a new investor for the hotel and leaves, or she will tell the police about the ‘software glitch’ at the hotel. Will he leave Lassiters?

Wednesday 6th December

Paul refuses to abide by Terese’s wishes, but realises that she has backed him into a corner. On Leo’s advice, Paul decides to compromise with Terese and offers her a deal. He will donate $100,000 to charity and commit to a professional working relationship, for which she will never mention the fake alibis and software glitch again.


Elsewhere, Steph is on edge when Lyn returns to The Flame Tree Retreat out of the blue, but assures her mother she has everything under control. When Lyn leaves she bumps into Amy, and confesses to her how lonely she feels now that her son Oscar is living on the farm with his father. On top of this, Lyn hoped that she could find a purpose at The Flame Tree, but is certain Steph doesn’t need her either. Amy tells Steph how her mother is feeling, leaving Steph sad at the thought of her mother struggling.

Leo and David are shocked to receive an eviction notice. When David tells Aaron the news, he decides to take their relationship to the next level and ask him to move in. When David is about to tell his father and Leo the good news, Paul reveals he’s bought the penthouse next door for his sons and proposes to knock them into one to live as a happy family. This is all David has ever wanted, but what will he decide to do?

Thursday 7th December

Piper returns to the Brennan boat in hope of confronting her fears and bad memories. Once on board, she struggles to understand Louise’s motive for locking her up and leaving her overboard, but she finally realises that Louise was not in her right mind.

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Later, when Piper is leaving the marina a fisherman reveals that he saw Louise at the boat before the time of Hamish’s death. Upon telling Mark, they realise that Tyler is the only remaining suspect in the murder investigation.

David is shocked and disappointed when he finds out that Paul was behind the eviction notice. When confronted, Paul explains that he just wants his family to be together, but David is not convinced. However, when he sees his family together at Christmas he decides he wants to live with them – but how will Aaron take the news?

Friday 8th December

It’s Christmas day, but all is not well when Paige and Jack fear that Gabe is ill. When walking to the medical clinic Gabe’s pram rolls into oncoming traffic, but Paige runs and grabs it just in time. At first she is relieved, but then she realises that Gabe has been kidnapped. Who has stolen Gabe?

Sonya asks Shane and Angie to help keep the vow renewal a secret but a surprise from an old friend nearly ruins the plans! Eventfully, the renewal goes ahead as planned and it’s a day of love and laughter.

Now that Louise is officially no longer a suspect it seems as though Tyler unintendedly killed Hamish. Piper can’t keep the secret from Tyler, who immediately wants to turn himself in. Mark does his best to convince him otherwise, but he cannot be stopped from confessing.

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