Natalie Bassingthwaighte Returning To Neighbours – Izzy Hoyland Back!

Natalie Bassingthwaighte Returning To Neighbours

Just when we thought we were getting rid of one Neighbours villain (so long Hamish) another returns to shake up our screens!

To fans surprise, 42-year-old Natalie Bassingthwaighte is returning to Neighbours after a ten-year break, reprising her infamous role of Izzy Hoyland.

Natalie first hit soap screens back in 2003 when she was introduced as Izzy, a manipulative and scheming man-eater, who set her sights on everyone’s favourite doctor Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher). Karl succumbed to the femme fatale and cheated on wife Susan (Jackie Woodburne) with her, leaving fans devastated. Karl and Izzy eventually got together, but a miscarriage tore them apart.

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After several other romances (including one with Paul, of course!) Izzy left the street in 2006. However, the troublesome character did make a reappearance in a London special the following year. Izzy, of course, came back with a bang, spectacularly revealing that Karl was actually the biological father of Holly (Chaya Broadmore).

Since leaving the show, Natalie has embarked on many other successful projects. In addition to her prosperous music career, she became a published writer in 2008 with ‘Sistahood: A Journal of Self-Discovery’. In addition to other film and TV projects, Natalie presented the popular So You Think You Can Dance Australia, as well being a judge and mentor on The X Factor Australia. Throughout Natalie’s success, the return of Izzy to shake-up Ramsay Street has always been questioned.

The actress explained previously that she had not yet returned to the soap because she felt “the timing wasn’t right”; she wanted to do justice to the return of Izzy. Natalie was instead involved in the special documentary commemorating the soaps 30th anniversary.

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However, rumours started circulating this week when newbie Ryan Thomas (ex-Coronation Street veteran) inadvertently uploaded a picture of Natalie filming to his social media followers. Fans quickly picked up on this and opinions were divided as to whether Izzy was be making a come-back. Natalie soon confirmed this was true, speaking to The Herald Sun about her explosive return to Neighbours.

“They have been asking me since I left, I think, to come back on to the show. It is not like I never wanted to come back, but I wanted to spread my wings and have some adventures and take on some different roles. I have loved the character, I always have. I feel very fortunate to play such a juicy role like that. For me, it was my big start and I am very grateful for that.”

“Back in the day people would come up to me and say, ‘I hate Izzy so much I want to throw something at the TV when she is on’. People got really passionate about Izzy and how intense and determined she was to get whatever she wanted whenever she wanted”.

Natalie also revealed that Izzy would be back up to her old tricks on the street. What will this mean for Susan and Karl? Will we also see daughter Holly return with her? We will know closer to February, when Natalie Bassingthwaighte will finally return to our screens!

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