Neighbours Spoilers: Olympia Valance’s Exit Confirmed?

Neighbours Spoilers: Olympia Valance's Exit Confirmed?The rumour mill surrounding the departure of Neighbours favourite Olympia Valance has been alight for a very long time. Rumours intensified this week, following an Instagram post on behalf of co-star Scarlett Anderson.

Olympia first hit screens in June 2014, portraying Paige Smith in the popular Australian soap. Paige was introduced to viewers during her quest to find her biological parents, who turned out to be Ramsay Streets Lauren Turner and Brad Willis.

Questions of the 24 year old beauty leaving the show began almost as soon as she started, many comparing her to Margot Robbie, who left the show in 2011 to peruse a successful career in Hollywood. Olympia is compared to Margot, who played Donna Freedman, not only because of her beautiful ‘Hollywood’ looks but most importantly her impressive acting ability.

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Will Olympia be following in Margot’s footsteps? When asked, Olympia gave little away, stating “what she is achieving is everything I could hope for, and more.”

The rumours intensified in 2014 when Olympia signed a lingerie endorsement deal with UK based company Gossard. Thankfully, however, Olympia has been able to stay in Neighbours while working with the company. Reports started circling again in early 2016 when she signed to LA-based agency ROAR, who also represent Australian brothers Chris and Liam Hemsworth.

During a Facebook live question and answer session in October, Colette Mann (Sheila Canning) left viewers further questioning Olympia’s possible departure. Colette let slip that a regular character is leaving the show in December. Fans believe this means leaving filming in December, meaning the character will depart from screens in March, which is historically a big month of storylines for the show. As Olympia is still known to be filming at the moment – made known in social media posts – this is very possible, and so speculation has ensued.

Yet the strongest evidence regarding her departure came earlier this week, and appears to confirm previous rumours. This came from the caption of a post on Scarlett Anderson’s Instagram page, ran by the mother of the youngster who plays Nell Rebecchi on Neighbours.

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The caption, which accompanied a photo of Olympia and Scarlett, read “My beautiful friend @olympiavalance who plays Paige Smith on Neighbours. I will miss her so much when she leaves but I know we will see each other soon and when I’m older I’ll see her on the big screen when I go to the movies with my friends!”. The post was quickly taken down, but not quickly enough for the eagle-eyed fans to see.

This post, together with previous rumours, makes a strong case for Olympia’s departure from the soap. The star seems reluctant to comment, despite being asked frequently. However back in May she did state that if she was to leave it would be one of the hardest decisions she would ever have to make. Additionally, she said that if Paige was to leave Ramsay Street it wouldn’t be forever; she doesn’t want Paige to be killed off.

So, is Olympia leaving? Are the bright lights of Hollywood calling? Though the evidence is stacking up that way we don’t actually know yet. But what we do know is that Olympia is a great talent and has been a major part of our Neighbours enjoyment for the past three years. Whatever happens, good luck to Olympia in all she does!

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