Home And Away Spoilers: Olivia to Cheat On Hunter King?

Home And Away Spoilers: Olivia to Cheat On Hunter King?Is the relationship between Olivia Fraser Richards (Raechelle Banno) and Hunter King (Scott Lee) on the rocks on Home and Away? When the teen sleeps with someone else, their future seems doomed

Fans of the Aussie sudser have seen Olivia and Axel Boyd (Matthew Pearce) struggle to keep their relationship professional, but when things take an intimate turn, there may be no circling back.

To her credit, the pretty blonde is wracked with guilt, but not so much that she can bring herself to confess what she’s done to her boyfriend Hunter.

That’s where Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) comes in. Olivia tries to use her friend as a sounding board, instead of telling Hunter the truth.

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But her plan to unburden her conscience spectacularly backfires. Ziggy is upset by the news of Olivia’s infidelity and threatens to tell Hunter everything if Olivia doesn’t. Oops.

But then Olivia is left conflicted when she finds out that sweet Hunter plans to propose to his girlfriend. The hunkalicious guy is making a video for the big occasion, and wants Ziggy to be part of the surprise. Ziggy protests that she can’t participate, leaving Hunter confused.

But that confusion could be short lived as Olivia makes subsequent plans to see Axel. Wouldn’t you know it, he makes her an offer she can’t refuse!

Axel asks Olivia to join him for fashion week in Paris. The teen is seriously tempted, but what about Hunter? Should she go with Axel and struggle to keep things platonic, or make a clean break with Hunter and enjoy all that Paris, and Axel, have to offer?


It’s a big decision, but Axel piles on more conflict when he presents Olivia with a plane ticket; she has a week to figure things out before the big trip.

Will she be able to make a decision that does right by all parties involved? Or will Ziggy spoil everything by spilling everything she knows?

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