Home And Away Spoilers: Ash And Kat’s Relationship In Trouble – Split In The Near Future?

Home And Away Spoilers: Ash And Kat's Relationship In Trouble - Split In The Near Future? Will Kat and Ash’s relationship implode over baby troubles on, “Home and Away?” Baby Luc needs two parents, but Kat is dedicated to her career and Ash, bless his heart, can’t be a single parent!

When Billie died a tragic death much too young, she left infant son Luc behind. Her well-meaning brother Ash is now caring for the adorable child, but expects his girlfriend Kat to do the same. In the beginning Kat was adamant that she wanted to co-parent Luc, and she obviously loves the baby and Ash. But is she ready to be a full-time mom?

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Kat adores the baby, but her career as a police officer keeps getting in the way of child care duties. As the explosive drugs case against Zannis and Brody comes to a head, she must remain vigilant in order to bring down the bad guys.

As she begins to spend longer hours away from home, Ash worries that he is slowly losing her. He tries admirably to raise Luc and tend to all of his needs, but how much can one single, hunky, tall and tan man take? Get the man a nanny, stat!

Instead he reaches out for Kat, but she must reject his pleas for help due to her work on the drugs case. This doesn’t sit well with her boyfriend, but the worst is yet to come.

Kat informs Ash that she can’t make the baby’s next medical check-up since she has to work and can’t possibly get away. With their relationship already in a fragile state, Ash interprets her news to mean much more than she may have intended.

Is she just using work as an excuse to push him and their life together over the edge? Ash can’t tolerate the rejection and blows up before leaving Kat and the conversation behind.

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Could this latest confrontation really be the end of the gorgeous, hot-headed couple as we know it?

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