General Hospital RUMOR: Is Kristina Corinthos’ New Love Interest Nurse Amy?

General Hospital RUMOR: Is Kristina Corinthos' New Love Interest Nurse Amy?It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since Risa Dorken joined the General Hospital cast as Nurse Amy Driscoll. The new Amy Character resembles Amy Vining (Shell Keplar) from many years ago. The characters share similarities as being eavesdropping, intermeddling and somewhat intrusive to their coworkers. To anyone curious about the hospital staff’s private lives, Amy would be the one to ask.

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Amy’s character description as “a spunky new nurse who just can’t help herself from gossiping and putting her nose in other’s business” was very accurate. GH fans first witnessed new Amy in May of last year at the hospital gossiping to Maxie Jones (Kristen Storms).

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Amy hasn’t revealed very much of her own personal life but apparently has no immediate family in Port Charles. Fans learned Amy has a roommate, Kristina.

Amy was very excited about something good that has happened in her life. She hinted about it today to Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) as they were standing at the nurse’s station. Nina (Michelle Stafford) interrupted their conversation looking for a recommendation for a pediatrician for Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez).

Amy grabbed her and walked away from the desk. She called “Kristina” to say she could hardly wait to get home to share her good news. One can speculate its Port Charles’ own Kristina Corinthos-Davis (Lexi Ainsworth). Kristina moved recently from her Mother Alexis Davis’s (Nancy Lee Grahn) house to her own apartment. However, a roommate wasn’t brought up in the discussion.

General Hospital rumors are circulating that Kristina will be getting a new love interest. Kristina has been single since her break up with Aaron Roland (John DeLuca). Kristina admitted to Aaron she had been intimate with her professor Parker Forsyth (Ashley Jones) while dating him. Kristina’s heart is healing from Parker’s decision to stay with her wife and stop the divorce proceedings.

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Its possible Amy and Kristina are more than roommates. Amy prefers to share coworker’s personal information instead of her own. She’s very comfortable learning all about others personal lives.

On the other hand, Kristina could very well be a new character. It wouldn’t be the first time for duplicate names for characters on canvas at the same time. Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) suffering from memory loss was going by the name Jake Doe while Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) son Jake was brought back from the dead. Recently Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker) went by “Liv” while Lisa LiCicero plays Olivia Falconeri.

None the less, fans are excited to meet this Kristina and learn Amy’s good news. The Nurses Ball is approaching so maybe she’s been officially asked to perform a solo this time around.

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  1. Sokanon567 says

    God, I hope not. As someone old enough to remember Amy Vining this new Amy is not anything like her. Amy Vining was actually likable. This new Amy is just annoying as all get out.

    1. Kevin Pham says

      since the day AMY bumped into LIZ and caused LIZ to sprain her ankle to land on franco in that scene for the nurses back in 2016 these writers ruined the role amy for me to ever care about again 🤔👌☕️💯🏆 hopefully amy can be redeemed in a better storyline that serves a better purpose🤔👌☕️💯🏆

  2. Laura Champlain says

    If so,I will throw up & hold a revolt against whosoever’s sick idea this was! #GH

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