General Hospital POLL: Who Is a Better Father – Lucky or Jason? VOTE!

General Hospital POLL: Who Is a Better Father – Lucky or Jason? VOTE!General Hospital’s (GH) Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) and Lucky Spencer (Jonathan Jackson) have had some great parenting skills and some major failures when it comes to being a dad; they clearly love their children, so which man do you think makes the better father?

GH’s Jason Morgan is a brand new daddy to sweet, baby girl Emily Scout, his third child in Port Charles. He also has two young sons, Jake and Danny. We have to begin with how strong a person he is to have made the decision to give up infant Jake to Lucky Spencer, because his job as a mob enforcer was far too dangerous a world for children.

When it was revealed that little Jake (Hudson West) was found alive a few years after he was presumed dead from a hit and run, Jason stepped up and became the father we all knew he could be. He never pressed about what happened while Jake was living on Cassadine Island, but now that he is having memories he may need to help him figure it out.

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One strong suit Jason has is that he hates Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) with every fiber of his being. General Hospital’s Jason refuses to allow his son live under the same roof as Franco; some agree, while others don’t see the harm since Jake confides in his friend, Franco.

GH’s Lucky Spencer is one of the most beloved characters on the entire show. He is a father to 3 children: Cameron (the biological son of the late Zander Smith), Jake (the biological son of Jason Morgan) and his son, Aiden, all are Elizabeth Webber’s (Rebecca Herbst) sons.

Surely General Hospital fans have a deep respect for him because he stepped up while others fled. Lucky, was by no means a saint, he fought his inner demons, even becoming a drug addict at one point, but he tried to be there 100% for his 3 sons; even after things were completely done with Liz.

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He always felt he wasn’t good enough or didn’t have the paternal instinct because of his own upbringing; but he couldn’t be more wrong; as a father he was nothing like his dad, Luke Spencer (Anthony Geary).

Lucky was the one who did everything he could when he discovered Jake was alive and living on Cassadine Island. He even risked his own parents to return him to his mother, Liz. Do you think he would approve of Franco being young Jake’s confidant and be okay with him living under the same roof?

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  1. ceecee says

    Where is Lucky?? Haven’t seen or heard much in years except for “rescuing” Jake…0h wait, where are Cameron and Aiden, maybe they are with Lucky!

  2. Chris May says

    I think Lucky was a great Dad when he was around, but he took off and never sees his boys, so Jason is the best father, he love’s all his children even Jake, but Jake needs Franco in his life

  3. Kevin Pham says

    Greg Vaughan LUCKY was and will forever be the best FATHER in Cameron’s and little Jake’s life… because that version of LUCKY would have logically killed FRANCO a long time ago

  4. Melita E.Pitts says

    Lucky was the greastest dad when he was around,and he even returned Jake to Liz!!! But he didn’t stay around afterwards-one reason why is he saw Jason in the house with Liz and the boys,and didn;t bother to ask and find out that,at that time,Jason had no idea who he was!!! In fact,he was calling himself Jake!!! But since Lucky took off,Jason has been an excellent father!!!!

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