‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Anna’s Medical Crisis Leads To Shocking Discovery – Griffin Munro Her Long Lost Son?

'General Hospital' RUMOR: Anna's Medical Crisis Leads To Shocking Discovery - Griffin Munro Her Long Lost Son? General Hospital spoilers have revealed that Anna Devane’s (Finola Hughes) headaches, rash after bathing and fainting are due to her newly diagnosed Polycthemia Vera (PV), a chronic condition that can not be cured. Anna is at risk of a heart attack or stroke if this is left untreated.

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Robin (Kimberly McCullough) at her side vows to help distraught Anna deal with the emotional and physical toll this will take on her fragile body.

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Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) and Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) were delicate and sensitive breaking the news to Anna. Dr. Finn will prescribe a mild blood thinner to lessen the amount of red blood cells that are resulting in the blood clots.

He further explained she would need phlebotomy; taking blood out of her veins which is one the first treatments for patients with PV. Reducing the number of blood cells and decreasing blood volume makes it easier for blood to function. Once Anna starts donating significant blood volumes she should start experiencing less headaches and dizziness.Patients diagnosed with PV carry a gene called JAK2 that doesn’t work properly. When working

Patients diagnosed with PV carry a gene called JAK2 that doesn’t work properly. When working efficiently your bone marrow doesn’t make an excess of blood cells such as Anna is experiencing. Parents can pass this broken gene to their children, but it is rare. It’s General Hospital so as we know, anything is possible.

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We know Robin is HIV positive and unable to be a blood donor. Robin will devote her love, energy and medical knowledge to comfort Anna but that could be where her dedication could easily cease in this situation. Anna is clearly important to Dr. Munro, as she was a significant part of his father’s (Duke Lavery) happiness. Dr. Munro has expressed his appreciation to Dr. Finn in helping diagnose Anna. Dr. Munro would do anything to save hr life including donating blood. This is where it’s possible during the blood testing the discovering of JAK2 gene is discovered.

In dramatic daytime writing it won’t be too surprising for fans to watch a Mother discover a long lost child. One she doesn’t remember conceiving, nor did thinking the pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage.

Tell us what you think. Is it possible Robin will be finding out she has a sibling after all these years?  Could Anna’s search for a donor lead to the discovery that Griffin Munro is her long lost child?  Share your thoughts in the comments below, don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for more General Hospital spoilers and news!

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  1. Violet Lemm says

    I have seen anything yet, that has said that Anna will need blood from another doner.

  2. June Beckwith says

    Valentin is the one who will end up being Anna’s long lost child.

  3. June Beckwith says

    I believe Dylan will be recast.

  4. Stacie Stevens Markham says

    I’ve thought for some time that anna would end up being his mother.

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