General Hospital Recap Thursday March 9: Liv’s Reign Of Terror Continues – JaSam Names Baby – Michael Can’t Move On

General Hospital Recap Thursday March 9: Liv's Reign Of Terror Continues - JaSam Names Baby - Michael Can't Move On The Thursday March 9 episode of General Hospital begins with Sam (Kelly Monaco) sleeping in her hospital bed while Jason (Billy Miller) watches wide awake Scout. Jason picks her up and Sam wakes up. Sam says this is better than any dream and asks to hold Scout. Sam asks Jason if he signed any papers while she was sleeping. No, he waited for her to name the baby. Sam says she has a special name picked out besides Scout.

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Jason & Sam Morgan

Monica arrives to Sam’s room and they inform her Emily will her Scout’s first name. Emily Scout Morgan. Monica is pleased they would name the baby after her Emily. Monica informs them the hospital is in lockdown while they try to locate Liv.

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Jason decides to stay with Scout and Sam allowing the PCPD to handle the search. Later Monica returns to inform them, Liv has left the hospital but is no where to be found.

Nelle Hayes

Nelle (Chloe Lanier) throws her paycheck to the floor while on hold on her cell phone. She asks to be put on a list for substitute teachers. The caller can’t put her on the list because the applicant must have a college degree.

Joss arrives and tells Nelle to get ready for the concert they were supposed to attend tonight. Nelle realizes Carly (Laura Wright) didn’t tell Joss what happened. Nelle tells Joss that some things in life do not work out no matter how hard you planned. “Just be grateful you didn’t find out the hard way”. Joss is confused.

Nelle tells Joss that some things in life do not work out no matter how hard you planned. “Just be grateful you didn’t find out the hard way”. Joss is confused. Nelle tells Joss they are no longer friends and to leave. Joss asks what she did that was so wrong. Nelle slams the door in her face. Later Nelle arrives to the Floating Rib and orders a vodka tonic. Bartender mentions he’s busy and will be back in a couple of minutes. Nelle asks if they’re hiring. He’ll give her an application and is sure Felecia would hire her. Nelle changes her mind about the job. Michael walks in. He asks if she’s drowning her sorrows. “Can you blame me”? She asks.

Michael acknowledges something terrible happened to her. Nelle asks if he forgives her. Michael replies “no, never”. Michael tells Nelle when Morgan died Carly was shattered. Asks her how she could trick his Dad into sleeping with her. Nelle says that’s not how it happened and he needs to know something. He asks if it will help his family heal but if not; don’t bother. Nelle decides to remain silent.

Carly & Michael Corinthos

Carly arrives to Michael’s (Chad Duell) ELQ office. Michael informs her that Sonny (Maurice Benard) has already been there earlier telling him not to trust Nelle. Carly warns Michael that Nelle is a liar and not to be trusted. Michael feels it isn’t that simple. Carly fears Michael is still interested in that snake after all she did to our family. Michael makes it clear he is not interested in Nelle. Carly mentions his heart is like Lila’s always giving someone a second chance but he can’t with Nelle. Michael says he can’t hate Nelle because she was targeted and didn’t deserve this treatment from Frank.

Joss arrives and says something is wrong with Nelle. Michael says Carly can explain it and leaves. Carly tells Joss she didn’t do anything wrong. Joss is going to see Uncle Sonny for more answers. Carly  tells her she can’t because this involves Sonny and Nelle. Joss realizes what she means and says “ewe that’s gross”. Carly says Nelle is a sick person and she’s going to make sure she never hurts their family again.

Dr. Hamilton Finn

Dante ((Dominic Zamprogna) tells Dr. Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) the hospital is on lockdown and APB has been placed on Liv Jerome (Tonya Walker). PCPD officer is playing tape around the elevators. Dante approaches Monica (Leslie Charleston) that Jordan is on the premises and will talk to her soon about Liv. Dante walks away and makes a call to PCPD trying to find Jordan.

Brad (Parry Shen) show Dr. Finn 2 small vials of liquid and mentions Zen Zen the drug.. Brad is angry he didn’t make any money off the deal when Dr. Finn sold his patent and gave GH the funds. Brad asks Dr. Finn why he should do any more favors unless his silence is of value.

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Brad tells Dr. Finn how many millions he was screwed out of. Finn says he’s going to publish the study and will include Brad’s name in it. Brad needed that money to make a better life for him and Lucas. Dr. Finn describes Brad as ethically challenged but changed his evil ways due to true love. What would Lucas say when he finds out Brad is blackmailing Dr. Finn. Bard toss the vials to him and says it’s just contact solution. “That’s the last thing you’ll ever get from me” and walks away.

Olivia Jerome

Liv threatens Anna (Finola Hughes) if she turns her into the PCPD, she won’t tell her where Robin (Kimberly McCullough) is hidden. “Your past has came back to haunt you Anna; I took Robin in the past and have taken her again”! Liv is taunting Anna and starts to say “let me tell you how this is going to work”; but Anna slams her to the floor. As Dr. Griffin Munro (Matt Cohen) tries to pull Anna off of Liv; Anna screams “You bitch”! And passes out.

Dr. Munro grabs the gun and points it at Liv and tells her to stop. Liv asks him if he could really shoot her being a man of the cloth. Griffin is holding unconscious Anna in one arm as he holds the gun on Liv with the other hand. Liv is unarmed and he wouldn’t shoot her. Liv escapes into the “secret” passageway.

Anna Devane & Griffin Munro

Dr. Munro has Anna in a hospital bed with a nurse attending to her needs. Dante enters the room. Dr. Munro tells the nurse to get Dr. Finn to check on Anna. Griffin leaves with Dante to show him the Cassidine Lab in the bottom of the hospital. Dr. Hamilton Finn arrives to Anna’s room reassuring her. Anna is calling out Robin’s name. Finn’s hands are shaking as he’s trying to inject Anna. Brad is standing in the doorway watching. Brad leaves and tells Dr. Munro that Finn is in no condition to he treating patients.

Dante, Dr. Munro and one PCPD officer arrive to the lab. Dr. Munro informs Dante of what happened in there earlier and that Liv escaped through the secret passageway.

Ava & Kiki Jerome

Ava (Maura West) sits on her couch and removes her shoes. Kiki (Haley Erin) arrives and says Valerie told her all charges against Ava have been dropped. Kiki curious as to why Ava never mentioned Liv. Ava only knew Julian “killed” her and she was supposed to be dead all these years. Julian described Liv as ambitious with a mean streak. Kiki apologizes for doubting Ava and knew she would never hurt Morgan. Kiki mentions having a dinner date tonight. Ava declines the invite but offers to walk Kiki to her car. Ava returns to her dark apartment. As  she turns the lights on Liv is sitting on her couch saying “you’re out of olives”.

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