Emmerdale Spoilers: Shock Baby Delivery – Can Aaron Save Rebecca And Her Child?

Emmerdale Spoilers: Shock Baby Delivery - Can Aaron Save Rebecca And Her Child?When you think of fatherly figures on the Dales, who pops into your mind? Perhaps Marlon (Mark Charnock), or even new dad Jay (Chris Bisson). But you certainly wouldn’t think of young rebel Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller). Ironically, Emmerdale spoilers tease that it will be up to the roguish Aaron to help Rebecca White have her baby. She is carrying the child of his ex-husband!

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In a spot of back luck Aaron will find himself stranded in the middle of nowhere with Rebecca whose water has just broken. Neither party will be particularly thrilled by this event. It was Rebecca’s pregnancy which effectively ended his marriage with Robert. A heartbreak that Aaron is barely over. We’ve watched Aaron go through self-harm and depression trying to get over his evil ex. And he finally seems to be doing okay, but this traumatizing event may set him back once again.

So how will these two unlikely characters find themselves in this situation? Well, according to Emmerdale spoilers, Rebecca’s car will break down on a country road, miles from the village. Aaron will drive past with Victoria (Isabel Hodgins), who notices that Rebecca is in trouble.

It is her that forces Aaron to stop and help, he very much does not want to. But, this act of kindness will not turn out for the better. Aaron will not manage to fix the car and when Rebecca goes into labour they will have no way to reach a hospital.

Will Aaron really have to help deliver his ex-husband’s baby into the world? This seems rather cruel, even for a soap! What a start to the world that baby will have, surrounded by drama and pain. And what exactly will happen when Robert and Aaron are thrust together over the delivery? The two have not been talking, but surely this will be a very good reason for words to be swapped. Perhaps finally Aaron will get the closure he needs.

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