Coronation Street Spoilers: Who Pushed Ken Barlow?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Who Pushed Ken Barlow?Corrie spoilers tease an epic whodunnit has kicked off on “Coronation Street.” Who hates silver fox Ken Barlow (William Roache) enough to kill him? The old meanie was found crumpled at the bottom of a staircase but unfortunately there’s no shortage of suspects!

Barlow has been meddling in Corrie lives for almost 60 years now, which means there’s lots of folks who could have done the dirty deed. At first his family suspects that the elder suffered a stroke, but Corrie spoilers reveal that his body will be found to be functioning just fine!

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With at least six viable suspects on the loose, who had the means, opportunity, and motive to harm the old codger?

First up is lovely Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) who argued with Ken about being pregnant with his college-bound son’s baby. Ken swore up and down that Sinead would ruin Daniel’s (Rob Mallard) life, and things got quite heated before he took his leave. Next thing we know, Sinead is no longer pregnant!

Daniel was looking forward to being a dad, so he naturally resents his father’s interference in his life. Is he angry enough to commit patricide?  Or maybe Sinead and Daniel conspired together to do the old man in?

Money is always a strong motive for murder, and Adam (Samuel Robertson) was incensed when crazy Ken set fire to a wad of his cold hard cash. Who does such a thing? Ok, rappers and young Wall St. heathens do, but weary Ken is neither, so there’s no excuse!

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We can be sure that Phelan (Connor McIntyre) didn’t do it—he was the one found standing over the prone body! Of course he looks guilty as heck (Ken accused him of being an inept worker), but in soap land the murderer is never the most obvious suspect. Duh!

You definitely don’t want to miss when secrets and revelations come to light: will the guilty party be exposed? Or will things get worse for Ken before they get better?

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