Coronation Street Spoilers: Corrie Cancer Survivor Sally’s Health Scare – Stalker Preys On Innocent Sally

Coronation Street Spoilers: Corrie Cancer Survivor Sally's Health Scare - Stalker Preys On Innocent SallyCorrie spoilers tease there’s a sicko roaming the cobbles, and Sally Metcalfe is his victim! On, “Coronation Street,” who is depraved enough to target the innocent Weatherfield woman for a cruel, unprovoked attack?

Waging a war of words against public figures is one thing, but it seems that someone in Corrie is determined to cause ultra pain and suffering for poor Sally. Is it a random attack or does someone have a personal grudge?

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Longtime viewers know that Sally is a breast cancer survivor. Lately, she’s been happy to give Jenny Bradley input on designing mastectomy bras, and both ladies eagerly publicized the fledgling business on a local radio station.

During the broadcast, brave Sally recounts her own cancer battle, and both her husband and daughter are proud of Sally’s decision to share her experiences with others.

But the family’s glow soon fades when Sally returns home; the phone rings and the hospital is on the other end. Unfortunately, the news is devastating for Sally: Coronation Street spoilers reveal that she’s informed that her cancer has returned. An “official” informs her that her last mammogram has come back positive.

Badly shaken, Sally and Tim rush to get to the hospital. But before they can leave, Sophie and Rosie burst in and deliver even more startling news!

The phone call that Sally received from the “hospital” has been posted online and it quickly becomes obvious that the whole nightmare is someone’s evil idea of a joke. In fact, Sally has been the frequent victim of online trolls, but this is by far the meanest and lowest anyone has taken the abuse.

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Poor Sally doesn’t take this latest outrage well; will it be the one that breaks her backbone and spirit? Her husband is understandably sickened by the campaign of online terror, but he’s even madder when he witnesses the crippling effect it’s having on Sally’s will to go on.

Who is behind this twisted trick? Is the tormentor someone she knows, or could the abuse somehow be connected to Sophie and Rosie’s recent activities?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for more Corrie spoilers and news right here.

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