Coronation Street Spoilers: Sinead’s Miscarriage Rocks Corrie, Is Ken To Blame?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Sinead's Miscarriage Rocks Corrie, Is Ken To Blame?Will Ken Barlow’s soul be forever scarred by a grave miscarriage justice on, “Coronation Street?”  Last week the silver-haired fox tore into young mother-to-be Sinead Tinker, accusing her of ruining his son’s life with her pregnancy.

The heated exchange got ugly when Ken couldn’t restrain himself and blamed Sinead for wrecking Daniel Osbourne’s college hopes. Could he have been any meaner?

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Angry Ken will soon get a shock when he learns that Sinead has lost her unborn baby. He secretly fears that his confrontation with Sinead played a part in her loss, but even worse, he now has to watch his son’s torment over the tragedy.

Spoilers tease that Corrie viewers will witness the anguish that results from Sinead and Daniel’s loss. Mean dad Ken will have a front row seat to their misery, but will his guilt be enough to make him repent?

In the aftermath of the miscarriage, Ken realizes that his son truly loves Sinead. Although Daniel is struggling with his grief, he is even more concerned for his girlfriend’s emotional and physical welfare. He goes so far as to suggest that Sinead seek medical answers for what happened to their baby. But when she has difficulty coming to terms with the situation, Daniel turns to his father instead.

Ken listens as Daniel reveals that he feels responsible for the miscarriage, all the while hiding his own culpability. Daniel tells Ken that he is remorseful for causing pregnant Sinead stress, but he has no idea the role his own father played in the girl’s pain.

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Will Ken do the right thing and come clean about his actions? At the very least he could lessen Daniel’s guilt by admitting his misdeeds. But most importantly, he owes Sinead an apology for his terrible behavior and cruel accusations. Ken actually compared his own unhappy life with Deirdre to the fate that Sinead was laying on Daniel!

How will Ken respond to the unfortunate situation he played a part in? Be sure to tune in next Monday to find out!

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