Coronation Street Spoilers: Bethany Platt Tries To Ease Emotional Distress, Burns Herself

Coronation Street Spoilers: Bethany Platt Tries To Ease Emotional Distress, Burns HerselfTwo innocent, young, “Coronation Street,” women are brutally attacked because of Nathan’s illicit sex ring; is the story set to become deadly as Nathan plans to flee the country with Bethany? Teenage Bethany is under the spell, and in the clutches of older man Nathan, who is mercilessly using her for his own sick ends.

The platinum blonde thinks that Nathan loves her and the attention-starved teen is flattered by the attention she’s been receiving. What she doesn’t know is that Nathan is running a sex ring operation, and he’s actually grooming her to be a part of his setup.

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Her family has seen and responded to the red flags surrounding this mismatched relationship, but thus far Bethany herself refuses to confront the cold, hard truth that is nagging away at her. At the moment she intends to flee the country and travel to Spain with Nathan. Along for the ride will be Mel, a police officer who she was forced to have sex with. No, Bethany!

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In the midst of her angst, Bethany begins to self-harm, torn between her feelings for Nathan, and the dawning realization that what he asks of her is wildly inappropriate. Audrey, Bethany’s great grandmother, is the first person to discover that Bethany is turning her anger inward by burning herself. The woman attempts to soothe the teen by telling her that Nathan will soon be a thing of the past.

But Bethany isn’t placated, and she is caught trying to burn herself again. This time around, Sarah catches Bethany and is dismayed to hear that the girl still has feelings for Nathan.

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In addition to Bethany, Shona is also in danger from evil Nathan. A shocking CS video teaser shows the pretty young woman bloodied and beaten, sobbing alone in a car. Shona has discovered the truth about Nathan and his sordid behavior, and is made to pay a price; will she pay with her life?

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