Big Brother Spoilers: Week 4 Have-Nots Begin Their Punishments, And It’s Not Pretty!

Big Brother Spoilers: Week 4 Have-Nots Begin Their Punishments, And It's Not Pretty!“Big Brother” (BB19) Have-Nots have been selected for week 4. Kevin Schlehuber, Mark Jansen, and Paul Abrahamian are officially Have-Nots by being the first 3 to fall in the HoH comp. Then there is Josh Martinez, who is still a Have-Not due to his Have-Not extension. Like Josh, this will be Mark’s second week as a Have-Not, and the stress is getting to him.

Against the other houseguests’ warning, Mark decided to take the Have-Not Gamble and it backfired, giving him yet another week as a Have-Not. This will make 3 weeks in a row for Mark of sleeping on spikey beds, eating nothing but slop, and cold showers.

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“Big Brother” (BB19) live feeds showed Kevin and Paul as they moved into the Have-Not room. Kevin, being the oldest in the house, is NOT at all thrilled to take part of this “Big Brother” tradition.

Paul seems to be adjusting just fine, as he collected extra pillows from around the house to use as a padding in his bed. Kevin continues to complain, as he realizes this will not be a good week. However, do not worry, Josh tells him that he will get used to it, like that will make it all better.

“Big Brother” (BB19) houseguest are worried that it being the second week for Josh and Mark as a Have-Not, will only fuel things making it a stressful and an emotional week. Many already believe that Josh has cracked, with his many blow ups in the house. Will the stress be too much for Josh? His second week as a Have-Not and a nominee for eviction this week will make for some great entertainment during the live feeds.

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