Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Paul Reveals Who Took The $25,000, Live Feed Blackout After Eviction This Week

Big Brother 19 Spoilers: Paul Reveals Who Took The $25,000, Live Feed Blackout After Eviction This Week“Big Brother 19” (BB19) spoilers from the live feeds yesterday, day and night, were on fire! It’s summer time and things are definitely heated up inside and out of the “Big Brother 19” (BB19) house. Alex Ow’s HoH had been going pretty smoothly, the house’s main target Cody Nickson backdoor plan was going off without a hitch. Well, the only hiccup was Elena Davies taking the $5,000 from Alex, leaving her with a curse during the Veto competition. Apparently, some house guest was in need for more drama and decided to stir the pot!

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“Big Brother 19” (BB19) live feed spoilers showed that Alex had been cursed with cooking hot dogs for the house this week, making it very fitting that she took control and stirred up the first round of drama. It started in the kitchen with Cody, attacking Cody from eating ALL her cereal (which she gave permission, but he probably went too far) to asking about his kid. She went on to accusing him of lying about everything he has shared in this game. Christmas Abbott thought they deserved answers. The argument quickly shifted to Elena and Josh Martinez, that lasted several hours. By the end of the night, everyone’s pants should have been on fire!

“Big Brother 19” (BB19) sources tell us it did not just end there. If you recall way back to the very first day, there was a temptation given in the amount of $25,000, a BIG, temptation. Once Kevin Schlehuber accepted it, it released a curse into the house… PAUL! Kevin had shared this with Paul as well as Josh. They had let the house think that Ramses Soto was who took the $25,000, sealing his fate and sending out the door.

“Big Brother 19” (BB19) spoilers have not been clear as to what provoked Paul, none the less, Paul had known for a while, why he decided to share with Alex and later with Jason Dent is unclear. Jason is not so quick to believe what Paul is selling, however, we all know Kevin did take the money. Jason is curious why now is Paul just sharing this? Alex, on the other hand, believes Paul and trusts him in this game.

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The “Big Brother 19” (BB19) house (aka Paul) already had decided and discussed who the next 2-3 targets would be. Mark Jansen, Elena, and Matt Clines, so it seems a little early to be fueling this info in the house to bring attention to Kevin’s game. Has Paul just realized Kevin’s game? Kevin has had a great game in the house, so much so that many do not even see it.

Paul’s game though is starting to become more and more obvious to others in the house, they are catching on that Paul has been the puppet master in the house. Directing others into making plays, causing chaos, and planting the seeds of suspicion with everyone in the house. So what do you think about this new game move Paul has made?

“Big Brother 19” (BB19) host Julie Chen shared with us last week that there would be a double eviction this week along with a special episode that will air the night of Friday the 18th, 8/7c on CBS. Spoilers have not leaked too much on the special episode other than to expect the unexpected. What is not unexpected is the fact they will take live feeds down Thursday after the Live ‘Double’ Eviction (feeds go down @ 10/9c) and will return Friday after the special episode airs on the west coast (12am/11c). So all you die hard BB19 fans can catch up on some sleep during the Blackout, as there will be nothing to miss.

However, just in case check back often here with Soap Opera Spy as we will keep you up to date on everything going on in the “Big Brother 19” (BB19) house! Catch “BIg Brother 19” tonight 8/7c, Thursday night 9/8c, Friday night 8/7c on CBS.  Check here for more Big Brother spoilers and news.

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