‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Phyllis’ Plan To Save ‘Phack’ Deserves Applause – Chuck Pratt, Jr. Leaves On A High Note

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Phyllis' Plan To Save 'Phack' Deserves Applause – Chuck Pratt, Jr. Leaves On A High Note An unexpected scenario has developed on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Just when it seemed that ‘Phack’ was dead and ‘Philly’ was kicking, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) went old-school. Evoking memories of Michelle Stafford’s iconic version of ‘Red’, the character Tognoni now plays developed a gutsy plan, carried it out and got what she wanted. Whether her divorce agreement results in remarriage, as she hopes, is another story.

Some fans might not like what they are about to read, but maligned now-former head writer (and now-former co-executive producer) Chuck Pratt, Junior fronted a smart recent ‘Philly’ reveal sequence and has established an unexpected plot twist on Y&R. In what clearly seemed like the forming of the show’s newest super couple, ‘Philly’ has now been upended. Phyllis wants Jack (Peter Bergman) back and is prepared to endure anything in order to get the man she loves back.

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Michael (Christian LeBlanc) asked his longtime friend what she wanted in a divorce settlement. Lacking a prenuptial agreement, she surprisingly said nothing, but added a caveat. ‘Phack’ could leave their marriage with everything each party took into it as long as Phyllis was able to keep her job at Jabot.

Jack rejected the offer to Michael’s face and then went to Summer’s (Hunter King) condominium, where Phyllis and all of her possessions are now living. Upon arrival Jack was told by his future ex-wife that he could accept her counter offer, or she would take half of Jabot in the divorce settlement. Jack left apparently not having agreed to her demands.

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Jack returned to Jabot and told Ashley (Eileen Davidson) what Phyllis said, but advised that he would make her life miserable. Later, Phyllis arrived, wearing a highly appealing dress, and advised that she was ready to work. Jack took her to a new office, which appeared to be a small file storage room.

Pratt’s writing style didn’t fit what many traditionalists were looking for and, to be honest, various points made about his tenure were well-taken. But, fairness means admitting when good scripts are written. Surely, executive producer Mal Young helped to influence current scenes. This keyboard, in particular, believes that the revived ‘Phack’ arc is great and affords new head writer Sally Sussman (a Y&R alum), new story consultant Kay Alden (another Y&R alum) and the entire staff a solid opening to move forward with these resilient characters. And, all writing parties, both past and present, are wished well.

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  1. Doug Barone says

    I don’t want Jack and Phyllis to get back together, and I’m not really sure why any other fans would? They are just plain dull together. The best thing that Jill Farren Phelps and Chuck Pratt Jr. did together at Y&R was put Billy and Phyllis together. They have amazing on-screen chemistry. It would be a huge mistake to not keep Billy and Phyllis together.

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