‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Interview: Lawrence Saint-Victor Dishes On Carter’s Return, He Wants A Steffy Romance, Plus His Time On ‘Guiding Light’

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Interview: Lawrence Saint-Victor Dishes On Carter's Return, He Wants A Steffy Romance, Plus His Time On 'Guiding Light'Lawrence Saint-Victor is known for playing the role of Carter Walton on ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’. The actor was absent from the soap for a while, but recently made a return; something he termed as “reintroducing himself”. Soap Opera Spy was privileged to speak with Saint-Victor, who was very happy about being back at the CBS daytime soap opera.

In our little chat he revealed how thrilled he was to be back, what’s ahead for Carter, thoughts on a Steffy [Jacqueline McInnes Woods] and Carter pairing, work outside the soap opera, his time on ‘Guiding Light’ and more. Check out the full interview below.

SOS: Welcome Lawrence, It’s such a pleasure to have this little chat with you. Thank you for stopping by. How are you doing today?

LAWRENCE: Thanks for having me!! I’m doing well! How are you?

SOS: Great too! Now we’d like to talk a little bit about you on daytime. You recently made a return as Carter on B&B, how was it being back there?

LAWRENCE: It’s great. I really do love the cast and crew of B&B. They really are like a second family. It’s so much fun to jump back in and play everyone. It’s been a lot of fun.

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SOS: It’s a such a pleasure to see you on screen and we’re sure you hear that all the time. But how do you go about preparing for scenes, remembering lines and all?

LAWRENCE: Well, I like to work from a place of empathy and imagination. I slowly comb through the script and imagine these circumstances are really happening to me. I’m Ridge’s best friend, I work for Forrester Creations. I’m not “playing” a character, I am him. From there it’s pretty easy to remember lines, because they aren’t just lines. They are my words, my thoughts, and my beliefs. If I have a vivid and imaginative experience with the dialogue, there is no way I could forget it.

SOS: Well said and by the way awesome job. We are glad Carter is back! Now that he’s back what can you tease coming up for him?

LAWRENCE: I can’t say too much, but I’m involved in the Eric, Quinn, and Ridge story. With Eric in the hospital things get pretty intense between Steffy, Ridge, and Quinn.

SOS: Interesting. Given that Carter has been single for so long we’re anxious to see him front and center again in a hot romance. Is there one coming up? If not do you have a pairing in mind for him?

LAWRENCE: I don’t know what’s coming up when it comes to that, but I always thought Carter and Steffy would be pretty hot.

SOS: Indeed we can only hope. Now, often times you’ve been noted as a fine daytime hunk what’s your remedy for staying in such good shape?

LAWRENCE: I try to eat pretty clean, with a high protein diet. I workout about five times week. I had to work hard to make it a life style for me. There was a time when I would just do it to get results, but over time I would always fall off. I had to make it a part of my life.

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SOS: Good job though! With CBS Daytime celebrate 30 years at being #1 we have been reflecting on daytime. We remember your role as Remy on Guiding Light. What can you share about your time there?

LAWRENCE: I absolutely LOVED Guiding Light. It was a very special show with very special people. I learned so much on that show. It was such a warm and giving environment. I truly miss it.

SOS: We miss it too. Outside of B&B is there any other projects you are working on or have coming up that u can share?

LAWRENCE: Right now I’m working on writing and producing my own content. I’m in production on a new media show called Fit Chat, where we interview actors on what makes them tick as artist, and they share how they stay inspired to be fit, and then we workout. It’s a lot of fun.

SOS: Sounds good we can’t wait. We look forward to more of Carter. Thank you so much for stopping by. We wish you all the best.

LAWRENCE: Thanks so much for having me, this was great!

So having the read the full interview, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ fans share your thoughts with us.  Are you happy to have Carter back?

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  1. Myss Lynn B says

    Well It’s good that he’s back but I hope that they find someone else for him to get involved with. Please not Steffy why keep passing these women around.they need to bring more men and women in. IJS

  2. Soap fan says

    Quinn is a vicious woman. Deacon should had her thrown in jail for attempted murder and none of this other bullshit would have happened. Carter and Sasha Liam and Steffy Ivy and Wyatt Thomas and Caroline perfect couples.

  3. Soap fan says

    Days still letting the lunatics control the show can’t stand this story line. Aiden should have been shot not Abe. Nut job Joey is safe to do more stupid things. Nothing about Abigail’s whereabouts. Weston will be coming for Thomas and that is dumb too.

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