‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Nick Feels Bond with Sully – Yet Christian Apparently Isn’t His Son

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Nick Feels Bond with Sully - Yet Christian Apparently Isn't His SonNick (Joshua Morrow) claims that being with Sully is helping him to heal on ‘The Young and the Restless’. One implication of his feelings implies that the genetic bond he shares with the boy who’s actually Christian is somehow evidencing itself. Yet, the evidence viewers have been given to-date indicates that Adam (formerly played by Justin Hartley) is actually Christian’s dad.

As fans recall, Sharon’s memory flashes led to her realizing that she was never pregnant. Then, she orchestrated an event at the cottage in order to scientifically confirm (or deny) her worst fear. Of course, ‘worst’ is a relative term where this character is concerned because she’s often running from some demon, or putting herself and those around her into some type of terrible bind.

Sharon took an unauthorized sample of Nick’s DNA and had it tested against her perceived son’s biology. The results indicated that her ex-husband was Sully’s scientific match, which appeared to mean that he was actually Christian. What Sharon couldn’t have known is that Sage (Kelly Sullivan) was involved with Adam while she and Nick were separated. Since Adam and Nick share the same father, Victor (Eric Braeden), the actual link to Christian was obfuscated.

Nick is genuinely happy that his brother through Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), Dylan (Steve Burton), has a son. In Nick’s mind, he’s naturally fond of his nephew and is being aided in his grief at this time. But, he has no idea that Sharon made the terrible decision to follow through on Dr. Anderson’s (Elizabeth Bogush) bizarre baby-swap revenge plan.

The genetic link that Nick and Adam share make it possible that either man could be Christian’s father, regardless of the calculations Sage previously offered. Soap opera fans know that time lines can be changed for the sake of reimagined storylines and that Genoa City’s paternity testing labs are notoriously unreliable. Whatever Sharon thinks she learned a number of months ago can always be adjusted by Y&R’s writers, unless Nick actually isn’t Christian’s father, which would then speak to an eventual recast for the Adam character.

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