‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Max Rayburn Bonds With Neville And Ashley – Abby’s Jealousy Grows, Marriage Continues To Crumble

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Max Rayburn Bonds With Neville And Ashley - Abby's Jealousy Grows, Marriage Continues To Crumble‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers tease that Abby Newman’s [Melissa Ordway] new marriage to Stitch Rayburn [Sean Carrigan] is not doing well – and Ashley Abbot [Eileen Davidson] is part of the problem, but not in the obvious way you might expect.

Y&R spoilers indicate that Max Rayburn [Jared Breeze] visits the Jabot Labs where Ashley and Dr Simon Neville [Michael E Knight] are doing their critical research. Neville – whom most adults find terribly off-putting – is a HUGE hit with young Max.

Neville may say a few awkward things about the kid having lost his mother, but overall, he’s like a large, strange play pal for Max. Y&R spoilers show Neville giving Max an impromptu chemistry lesson and it engages the kid and he’s the happiest he’s been since he came to Genoa City.

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Y&R rumors indicate that Ashley may get involved in their budding science session and it turns out Max likes Ashley too. This is very frustrating for Abby who has done everything she can to bribe her way into Max’s affections but he continues to thwart her efforts.

Max clearly blames Abby for his mother’s untimely demise so it will take a lot more than a hot new video game to gain his affection. Looks like Abby is trying too hard to force herself on him. She admitted to Devon Hamilton [Bryton James] she was making this all about her and she continues to do so.

But Stitch is also in the wrong here because he’s letting Max control everything including where they live. Rather than bringing Max home and getting him accustomed to life with him and Abby as a married couple, Stitch has sequestered them at the GCAC.

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The separate living conditions means their new marriage is without intimacy which is alienating Abby from Stitch – and also Max from Abby. So when Abby sees Max happily hanging with her mother – whom she also views as a residual threat to her marriage – Abby will not take it well.

If Abby throws a tantrum over Max’s continued rejection, will it be too much for Stitch too take? He’s got to make his son a priority since he’s all the kid has – so will Abby acting childish herself make Stitch back away from his new bride?

Will Abby realize she is on the brink of pushing her hubby away with her selfishness? Will Stitch step up and tell his son he’s part of his family with Abby now and they all have to work things out in their home together?

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  1. Lynn says

    We’re all sick of the baby deal with Sharon and sage. You’ve done that before. I have watched at least 40 yrs got my hubby watching. Shape up its getting ridiculoud

  2. Betty says

    Stitch needs to set Max straight and go home to Abby , You don’t let kids tell you what to do. Stitch is an adult he needs to take Max home to his wife and tell him how it is going to be .

  3. Evelyn says

    I think Stefano will Hillary thing going on is b******* I am NOT pleased with Max Keiser agree with the other comments but they then needs to take max home he’s part of the family and he needs to get over it right now then its just enabling that to run the show

  4. Evelyn says

    I am really not liking the new Billy at all I wish Billy Miller with come back

  5. Sandy says

    I agree about this baby deal. Get it over with and soon. Let Patty remember and get the truth out .

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