‘The Young and The Restless’ Spoilers Tuesday January 26: Sage Slaps Nick, Dr. Anderson Watches – Phyllis Has Proposal for Natalie – Nikki Wants Rid of Drama

'The Young and The Restless' Spoilers Tuesday January 26: Sage Slaps Nick, Dr. Anderson Watches – Phyllis Has Proposal for Natalie – Nikki Wants Rid of Drama“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Tuesday, January 26, tease that Dr. Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) will witness a shocking confrontation. Nick (Joshua Morrow) will tell Sage (Kelly Sullivan) that they should go somewhere to talk. Sage will respond by calling Nick a traitor and slapping him in the face.

With Sage’s help, Nick devised a scheme to get closer to Dr. Anderson. Is this fight with Sage part of the scam? Perhaps Nick will use this intense encounter to get Dr. Anderson to open up a bit more. It’s also possible that Dr. Anderson could eventually start to get to Nick. Sharon (Sharon Case) has certainly hopped on Dr. Anderson’s crazy train.

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Dr. Anderson is trying to make Sage look like she’s unstable enough to be committed. She may actually drive Sage insane in the process. Will Sage end up at Fairview down the road? It could come to that if Dr. Anderson stays on top of this situation. It’s clear that Dr. Anderson can be quite persuasive.

Elsewhere, Victor (Eric Braeden) will undoubtedly be furious that Natalie (Mara McCaffray) has bolted. Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), on the other hand, will think it’s great news. Goodbye and good riddance! Nikki will declare that she hopes Natalie has gone far away and she’s taken her drama with her.

Of course, we know that Natalie is still close by. Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) stopped Natalie from skipping town and she’ll soon have a proposal for her. “The Young and the Restless” spoilers say Phyllis will ask Natalie to work with her on a new plan.

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Phyllis recently mentioned that karma was coming for Victor and it seems this is what she meant. Will Natalie agree to help Phyllis get what she wants? She might as well. Phyllis has no intention of letting Natalie out of this mess. Y&R rumors hint that Phyllis will do whatever it takes to get payback. Stick with the CBS soap for updates on the plot Phyllis is hatching.

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  1. Frances Roberts says

    Hooray for Phyllis! I hope she works with Natalie so that they can get even for the Abbotts for all that Victor has done to them. Victor needs to be put down a few times as he has made it miserable for everyone, even his wife, Nikki. His accusation about Nikki in love Neil, just outrageous.

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