‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Weekly Spoilers January 25 – 29: Katie Catches Bill With Brooke – Declares War On Cheating Husband And Sister

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Weekly Spoilers January 25 - 29: Katie Catches Bill With Brooke - Declares War On Cheating Husband And Sister‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers indicate that Bill Spencer [Don Diamont] and Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang] will soon face the wrath of Katie Spencer [Heather Tom]. Katie is not about to play nice and let Brooke walk away with her husband – she won’t lose Bill to Brooke again.

B&B spoilers reveal that as Brooke tearfully tells Bill they can’t be together, she also admits that he’s the love of her life. Unfortunately, Katie has finished her errand at Forrester Creations – where she was just talking about how great it is to have Brooke around – and overhears their love talk.

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Katie is devastated that her sister and husband would admit they still love each other after she has made all this effort to bring her sister back into the fold and show her how much she loves her. Of course, Katie won’t listen to the whole conversation where Brooke pretty much chooses Katie over Bill.

Katie heard enough to rip her heart in two and she assumes Brooke and Bill have betrayed her in the worst possible way and are sleeping together again. Katie decides not to sit on this and will confront both Bill and Brooke individually but one of these showdowns is much more heated than the other.

B&B spoilers indicate that the Katie-Brooke confrontation will turn physical. Katie attacks Brooke, puts her hands on her sister roughly and knocks her down as she rails at how disgusted she is with Brooke’s man stealing slutty ways.

Katie tells Bill she’s going to cut Brooke out of her life once and for all but Bill tries to calm Katie down. She won’t listen and if Bill goes too far in his defense of Brooke, Katie might put him out of her life too. Bill has to carefully consider his next move.

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Does he really want to be with Brooke? Is he willing to crush Katie and lose his family with her in order to get back with his troubled ex? Is this thing with Brooke and Bill about lust or love? Later in the week, Eric Forrester [John McCook] will try and mediate the mess, but is it too late for the twisted sisters?

Don’t miss a moment of this heartbreak as the Logan women are torn apart next week – and check back with Soap Opera Spy for more ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ spoilers and news.

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  1. Loana says

    After this big betrayal , i want to see a new katie. More badass , and bitter.
    I want to see her to be done with bill once and for all. Continue her life & go on a dirty revenge against brooke.

  2. Patricia Malone says

    Brooke, told Bill to forget and don’t say things there it should’ve been left alone and she shouldn’t be working there.

  3. Patricia Malone says

    Brooke told Bill forget this feelings he’s with her sister don’t say those things here Respect Katie,he kept daydreaming she was trying to move-in for Katie sake. She shouldn’t be working there.

  4. kathie says

    they are both disgusting and trashy i cant believe they would do that to Katie it makes me want to puke

  5. Marsha Williams says

    What is wrong with Quinn? Is she leaving the show?
    This fixation she had with Liam and all of his woman is ridiculous.?
    Why is it that Wyatt can’t find his own woman. Hope, Steffy, Ivy, all of these woman were in a relationship with Liam first. You would think he would want some one his brother has already slept with.

  6. Marsha Williams says

    I understand Katie wanting a relationship with her sister. Katie miss her sister, they were very close at one time in there lives. This $Bill and Brooke mess is horrible. Get over it B&B. Find Brooke her own man with all of the quality as $Bill and Eric have or just make her happy and put her back with Eric.?

  7. Kathy says

    If Quinn sleeps with Liam, I am thru watching this show!
    Quinn is one sick puppy and why Wyatt listens to her and takes her advice is beyond me
    And good for Katie…. It’s time that Brooke got her comeuppance. Why did she even have to say anything to Bill?? Can’t stand her!!!

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