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'The Young and the Restless' POLL: Who Will Reveal Christian Is Not Nick's Son? VOTE!‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers have teased that Christian is not Nick Newman’s [Joshua Morrow] for quite some time. ‘Y&R’ fans know that in a moment of passion fueled by relationship troubles Sage Newman [Kelly Sullivan] and Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] slept together.

 Despite the fact that Sage had been told she would never be able to have children, Sage became pregnant following that one night with Adam. Of course Sage couldn’t break Nick’s heart and tell him that so she lied after finding out she was pregnant.

Sage and Nick married and welcomed little Christian into their lives. The parents’ happiness wouldn’t last long. Dr. Sandy Anderson [Elizabeth Bogush] devised a baby-swap in cahoots with a nurse at the hospital. Christian was taken and given to Sharon Newman [Sharon Case]. Sage and Nick were told their son had died.

Patty Williams [Stacy Haiduk] figured it all out and confronted Dr. Anderson who tried to keep Patty from telling everyone. Patty acted in self-defense, killing Dr. Anderson. That made Patty the keeper of the Sully/Christian secret.

‘Y&R’ spoilers remind us that Sharon thought she was pregnant after sleeping with Dylan McAvoy [Steve Burton]. Sharon delivered a baby boy, named him Sully and went home to live happily ever after even though Sharon’s memory of giving birth to the baby was a little fuzzy.

Months later things Sharon began to remember things more clearly. Sharon secretly obtained a DNA sample from Nick and snuck off to have a paternity test conducted.

‘The Young and the Restless’ spoilers revealed that the DNA test proved Sully was really Christian. With that information Sharon assumed Nick was the father of the baby boy.

It wasn’t long before Sage uncovered the truth, confronted Sharon and met an untimely death in a car crash. Nick was left devastated by the deaths of his son and his wife.

‘Y&R’ spoilers remind us that a suspicious Adam also had managed to have a paternity test performed and found out he was Christian’s father. Adam shared this information with Chelsea Newman [Melissa Claire Egan].

After Sage died Adam and Chelsea decided not to tell Nick about Christian/Sully because they did not want to cause him anymore pain. Since sharing that information Adam has been presumed dead by his family and friends.

Though the truth has come out that Sharon and Dylan are not Sully/Christian’s parents, the entire truth has yet to be revealed. Nick now knows Sully is really Christian. What Nick doesn’t know is that Adam is Christian’s father.

Making things seemingly more complicated, after Victor Newman [Eric Braedan] learned the truth, he stared at a photo of Adam and told his son Christian is still alive. Anyone could have overhead Victor say that, including a not so dead Adam.

The Young and the Restless spoilers tease that Adam will be back for the November sweeps Y&R fans are wondering who will tell Nick the truth.

Adam may have been how skulking around Genoa City unnoticed and heard Victor say that Christian is alive. It wouldn’t be the first time Adam ‘died’ and kept tabs on his family. Would Adam risk it all and come out of hiding to claim his son? He risked everything when he returned to Genoa City as Gabriel Bingham in order to reunite with Chelsea and Connor [Gunner and Ryder Gadbois].

Victor is facing a serious dilemma. If he discovers Adam isn’t dead before his son has a chance to reveal otherwise, he may go to Nick with the bad news. Considering Victor’s seemingly change of heart since Adam’s presumed death

Victor might come forward first. Not to hurt Nick, but to help him keep the secret if possible.

Chelsea might be the one to let Nick know that unfortunately he isn’t the little boy’s father. It will be heartbreaking for Chelsea to reveal that not only is Christian not his son, but that Sage and Adam had a one night stand and that Adam is Christian’s father. Chelsea and Nick have grown close and the news may be less painful coming from Chelsea.

It’s going to be devastating for Nick to find out the truth no matter who tells him. Finding out his late wife Sage slept with his brother Adam? That revelation only adds to Nick’s pain. Then to find out Christian is Adam’s son? That may be the final blow that sends Nick over the edge.

Who do you think will be the one to deliver the heartbreaking news about Christian to Nick? Will it be Victor, Chelsea or a returned from the dead Adam?

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  1. Kathleen Knapp says

    Wrong: Sage already told Nick about the one night stand. That is why Sage did the DNA test while still pregnant but Supposedly Adam switched it to say Nick was the father because he wanted Sage to be happy with Nick.

    What if someone had already switched the results say Victor & Adan only switched it back. That is the best SL.

    1. Edith P says

      Yes that is what I think happened. I still am not 100% convinced that Adam is the biological father. I can’t wait to watch Monday’s show. I am finally interested in watching y&r again.

      1. Tonya Carswell says

        That is Adam son not nicks can’t wait to truth comes out all you will look stupid

        1. Edith P says

          Well according to the new writers they are not doing any paternity reveal and are not recasting Adam anytime soon if at all. It’s very rude to tell someone they are stupid especially when you know nothing about the person .

          1. Tonya Carswell says

            Soon or later the truth will come out an they said they don’t know if they recasting Adam an everybody know writer said that’s Adam son not nick

          2. Soap Opera Spy Editor says

            The truth always comes out on soaps, but it could be years. They may wait until christian is a teenager to revisit the story

          3. Tonya Carswell says

            Yes could be it will be an emergency an they will need Adam

          4. Edith P says

            The New writers can change anything they want. Just because Pratt had Adam paid the lab tech to switch test proves Nothing. That is not iron clad anyways. Mistakes happen all the time on soaps and paternity tests. Pratt last show is Tuesday and he still hasn’t finished the stupid baby stealing story. Then that means the new writers will.

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