‘The Young And The Restless’ Poll: Who Is The Best Father On ‘Y&R?’ Vote Now!

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!“The Young and the Restless” dads aren’t particularly good role models for their children. But, the guys do have some redeeming qualities. Who do you think is the best dad on “Y&R”?

Team Victor

The patriarch of the Newman family probably wouldn’t be anyone’s first choice for Father of the Year. Victor [Eric Braeden] may have no equal when it comes to business, but parenting isn’t his strong suit. Victor plays his children like chess pieces – Victor giveth and taketh away whenever he sees fit. Didn’t Victoria [Amelia Heinle], Nick [Joshua Morrow] and Abby [Melissa Ordway – then Marcy Rylan] need to sue their father in order to gain access to their trust funds?

Though Victor has been some pretty low down – and often illegal – dirty deeds for the good of the Newman family, he does have his redeeming qualities. The only child Victor has ever seriously neglected was Adam Newman [Justin Hartley] and that was at his mother Hope Adams [Signy Coleman] request. You can’t blame Victor for that one.
Adam being the exception, The Mustache has never lost contact with his children. Even when they were sent off to boarding school and subjected to SOARS, Victor knew where his children were and kept his eye on them. And you have to give Victor credit – he’s a very attentive grandfather. Where Victor failed as a father he’s certainly trying to make up for as a grandpop.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!

Team Jack

Jack [Peter Bergman] was late coming to the game of fatherhood. Jack never had the chance to raise any of his children. Jack didn’t even know he had a love child – Keemo [Philip Moon] – until his adult son showed up in Genoa City with his mother Luan [Elizabeth Sung]. Jack battled Diane {Susan Walters] for custody of the son Kyle when he was an infant – and lost. Eventually Diane [Maura West] showed up in Genoa City with a nearly teenage son Kyle Abbott [then Garrett Ryan]. Diane secretly shipped Kyle off to boarding school. Jack was unable to locate Kyle after Diane’s death. Eventually an adult Kyle [now Lachlan Buchanan] returned to Genoa City.

A few of Jack’s wives have tragically miscarried or given birth prematurely. Jack and Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] son John Abbott III was born too son and died. Jack has been a better stepfather than a father. He helped Nikki raise Nick and Victoria and also had a hand in raising Phyllis’s son Daniel. Does Jack have any redeeming qualities as a father? He doesn’t seem very interested in Kyle as of late.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!

Team Billy

Billy Abbott has been a hit-and-miss dad but dearly loved Delia when a paternity test proved he was her father [Billy Miller as the youngest Abbott son]. Billy was desperate to have a baby with Victoria Newman and went so far as to buy baby Lucy. But the baby girl turned out to be Daniel’s [Michael Graziadei] daughter with Daisy [Yvonne Zima] and Phyllis [then Michelle Stafford] sued for and was given custody of little Lucy. Another unplanned pregnancy – that required a paternity test – with Chelsea Lawson [Melissa Claire Egan] made Billy a daddy again. Chelsea relinquished custody of Johnny to Billy and allowed Victoria to adopt him. Billy [Burgess Jenkins] became a daddy for the third time when little Katherine came into the world. Yet another unplanned pregnancy that required a paternity test! Another Genoa City daddy who probably isn’t going to get a Father of the Year Award anytime soon. Let’s see the new Billy [Jason Thompson] brings to the table!

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!

Team Adam

Say what you will about Adam Newman, but of all the dads in Genoa City he is possibly the best of the worst. Adam’s love for Connor runs so deep that he fought his way back many times to be with his son. Adam is a newbie to fatherhood which means he hasn’t had time to screw his kid up just yet. Give him time? Or will Adam be the one dad in Genoa City who doesn’t manipulate his children – we’re hoping Chelsea and Adam will have more children – the same way Victor manipulated his? Only time will tell – bur for now, Adam has a pretty good history as a dad.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!

Team Nick

Nick Newman is a good man and can be a good father – when he isn’t fighting with the mothers’ of his children for custody. That’s biggest downfall as a day – it’s all or nothing when it comes to custody – or so it seems.
Things started out nicely for Nick – he adopted Casey [Camryn Grimes] and life was good. Sharon [Sharon Case] and Nick joined together when their son Noah [Robert Adamson] was born too son and nearly died. Nick manned up and married Phyllis after their affair brought them little Summer [Hunter King]. He’s been a pretty good dad to Faith [Alyvia Alyn Lind] – he gets her a lot of cocoa and cookies. Poor Nick never got a chance to be a dad to little Christian – but he might someday. And he’s been kind to Mariah, right?

But things seemed to go from good to bad to what the heck when it was discovered Nick covered up Summer’s inconclusive paternity test results. Nick generally has the best of intentions and is nowhere near as manipulative as Victor Newman – that’s a plus.

'The Young And The Restless' Poll: Who Is The Best Father On 'Y&R?' Vote Now!

Team Stitch

We really have no idea what kind of dad Dr. Ben “Stitch” Rayburn [Sean Carrigan] is or will be. Stitch basically abandoned his son Max [Jared Breeze] to cover up the fact that his mother killed his father. This is one that’s just too early to call, don’t you think?

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