‘General Hospital’ Fashion: Laura Wright Hair Tips – How To Get Hair Like GH’s Carly Corinthos!

'General Hospital' Fashion: Laura Wright Hair Tips - How To Get Hair Like GH Carly Corinthos!

The ‘General Hospital’ ladies are constantly praising their hair and make-up artists for all the hard work they put in bind the scenes to make them look so flawless on camera. In the past Michelle Stafford has actually shared videos of one of the ‘GH’ stylists – Kelly on social media, and she dished some ‘General Hospital’ beauty tips. Kelly revealed that she works on Laura Wright’s (Carly, “GH”) hair as well. She shared with her fans how she could get Michelle and Laura’s hair to look so flawless, every day.

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Kelly explained that both Michelle and Laura’s hair was wavy and naturally curly. In order to get their hair to straighten, they first apply a toothpaste like hair cream on it. She mentioned using something similar to Paul Mitchell Smoothing Paste. The paste will help straighten your hair and brings out the shine. You can blow dry your hair straight or use a straight iron after applying the paste. It will create the straight look that Carly is famous for.

Kelly said to use you put a very small amount of the paste in your hands, rub it together, and apply it on a small bunch of hair. The hair should look straighter immediately. In order to set the results and make the hair shine- either blow dry or apply a flat iron to your hair.

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The results should last a few days, according to the “General Hospital” hair stylist. She went on to explain this is the most natural way to straighten hair, without any harsh chemicals. She said that it was important not to use too many chemicals on your hair. It will dry your hair and led to your hair breakage and split ends.

Kelly addressed “GH” fans who have curly hair too. She said the best way to sport your locks is to seal your hair with a good-quality oil and let your hair air dry. The curls will look weightless and shiny. As a woman, you know if your hair and make look great- you feel wonderful.

Laura Wright and Michelle Stafford’s hair are flawless. It looks beautiful, straight and curly. It is easy to see why fans seem to want to copy their ‘do’, for themselves at home. Have you tried the tricks of the trade that Kelly- the stylist- recommended?

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  1. Linda says

    Are you kidding me? Carly’s hair is HORRENDOUS..it’s dry and overprocessed It looks like straw. It doesn’t move , has no shine, stuck together, and is so dry it looks like if a match was within 5 feet of her it would go up in flames..She needs a GOOD CONDITIONING, and she needs to stop bleaching the life out of it and forget the curling or flat iron..give it some air and let her curls come back…that’s when her hair looked healthy. Right now..it looks HORRIBLE….PERIOD!

  2. Hattie says

    I really like her hair and I like her as an actress but someone needs to tell her to stop playing with it while on screen. I seriously cannot watch her anymore as she is always pushing it back from her eyes. Just wear a clip or something please!!!!!!

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