‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Interview: Jacob Young Compares Rick To ‘Godfather’ Sonny Corleone – Dishes On Singing Country Music

‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Interview: Jacob Young Compares Rick To ‘Godfather’ Sonny Corleone – Dishes On Singing Country Music‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Rick Forrester [Jacob Young] loves the bright lights and the big city. The Forrester Creations executive suits up every day, and casual Friday isn’t his thing. But when Jacob leaves behind taping scenes for ‘B&B’ things in the actor’s real life are quite different.

Where does Jacob get his inspiration to change from the guy who lives in a small town in Utah into Rick? In a recent interview with CBS Soaps in Depth Jacob compared Rick to Sonny Corleone, the eldest son of Vito Corleone in two of the classic ‘Godfather’ movies.

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How does Rick measure up to Sonny? There’s that bullheaded, take no prisoners attitude when it comes to their personal and professional lives. “Like Sonny, Rick is the one who is always going to bulldoze his way in there.”

Though Sonny was a tough guy, a Mafia enforcer, he was dedicated to his family. Rick is the same way, and in real life Jacob is the penultimate family man. When the father of three returns home from filming ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ it’s all about his wife Christen, Luke,8, Molly, 3, and six-month old Grace Elizabeth.

Living outside of Los Angeles in the quiet of Northern Utah Jacob has found himself getting back into music. He has been writing new and original music. The actor posted a video not long ago on Instagram in which he sang a classic Waylon Jennings song.

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Jacob called Nashville home for a time during the summer of 2016 and he recorded a few songs. During the interview Jacob revealed, “Music has always been a major part of my life.” Wouldn’t it be interesting if the writers for ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ could incorporate Jacob’s real life passion for country music into Rick’s storyline? That would open up an entire new world for Rick. Maybe he wouldn’t be so focused on the family business, another comparison to Sonny Corleone.

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