‘Ray Donovan’ News: Liev Schreiber Drops by Ellen Show – Watch Hilarious Video!

Liev-Schreiber-ellen‘Ray Donovan’ portrayer and dad of two Liev Schreiber stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show this week 12 years after his last visit. Schreiber hasn’t been back to the show since season one and Ellen DeGeneres was thrilled to have the hunky 48-year old back to chat.

Liev Schreiber admitted that working on his Showtime mobster hit program is a challenge since his family lives full-time in New York City yet he shoots in LA. Schreiber told Ellen, “It’s tough” being away from sons Sasha (8 ½) and Samuel (7 ½) that he shares with long-time partner Naomi Watts.

Schreiber admitted to Ellen that his kids “are at that age where you kind of want them to have a continuity with friends and school” and says it’s “awful” not getting to see them as much as he wants because of his hectic ‘Ray Donovan’ shooting schedule.

Liev shared that his kids are in a great NYC school and that he and Naomi Watts are trying to “put them [the kids] first at a certain point.” Liev Schreiber said bringing the kids back and forth between LA and New York City “can get tough” and said, “It’s hard on me most, I think.”

Schreiber admits even communicating long-distance is hard because he works 16 hour days on the ‘Ray Donovan’ set and then tries to Facetime with his kids but says “they’re just bored.” The dad of two also shared a story that his sons will likely find quite embarrassing.

See the video below where the hot actor says that he taught his kids a “willy dance” to dry off their guy parts after bath time. It’s hilarious. It’s funny to see the man who plays uber-tough guy ‘Ray Donovan’ talking about how he struggles to get his sons’ attention and amuse them.

Liev Schreiber also said that part of his reluctance to come back on Ellen’s show is his awkward dancing. Of course, dancing is a big part of every episode of her fun talk show. The sexy actor says he loves to dance and does so at home, but froze up when he first came on her show.

Be sure to check out the funny video below of Liev Schreiber chatting with the host on The Ellen DeGeneres show and come back to Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘Ray Donovan’ updates and spoilers as the new season kicks off this month.

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