‘Nashville’ Season 5 Rumor: Is Beyonce Guest-Starring On CMT Drama?

'Nashville' Season 5 Rumor: Is Beyonce Guest-Starring On CMT Drama?Nashville Season 5 rumors are hinting that Beyonce might be guest-starring on the country music drama when it debuts on CMT in 2017.

Beyonce recently appeared on the Country Music Awards, and her performance stirred up quite a bit of drama amongst country music fans, and spurred a racial debate on social media.  While some fans welcomed Bey to their genre with open arms, others were not impressed and said some pretty hateful things on Twitter.

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According to Nashville Season 5 rumors, TPTB at CMT are considering inviting Beyonce to appear on the drama in 2017 in a guest role.  Apparently, they want to capitalize on the controversy, and they supposedly think it will boost ratings.

Regardless of whether or not the Nashville rumors are true, the odds of Beyonce accepting their invitation are slim.  After all the drama her CMA Awards performance created, why would she want to thrust herself back in to that?

What do you guys think?  Is there any truth to the rumors about Beyonce appearing on Nashville?

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