‘General Hospital’ Rumor: Tom Targeting His NEXT victim – Port Charles Resident In Serious Danger?

‘General Hospital’ Rumor: Tom Targeting His NEXT victim - Port Charles Resident In Serious Danger?‘General Hospital’ Rumors are buzzing that Tom Baker (Don Harvey) will soon be targeting his NEXT rape victim. As many GH viewers have seen in the last week, Tom has re-appeared once again in Port Charles and the image that he is presenting is simply a mirage. Tom is anything but a changed man.

When Tom Baker went to prison years ago, it was not for rape but for extortion, perhaps Tom assumes if he raped before and got away with that heinous crime, he will see nothing about doing it a second time.

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It is being speculated that Tom will set his sights on a young lady that is in Port Charles. As this is pure speculation at this point in the game, there are a few leading ladies in Port Charles that may spring to your mind.

Since Tom has already made his connection with Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn), could the young girl he targets be one of her kids?

There is Sam Morgan (Kelly Monoco) who is married to Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) who was once Sonny’s(Maurice Benard) right-hand man. It is very unlikely that he will go after Sam since we know she is a tough cookie and would fight him to the bitter end.

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We know from his past that he likes his victims young and vulnerable. What about Kristina Corinthos Davis? She certainly would fit the description of the type of girl that he would and could prey on as his next mark. Would Tom dare rape a mobster’s daughter and be so cocky as to think he could get away with it? Certainly so!

When Tom’s next victim is revealed, could the same phrase “Not a word” be something that finally brings Tom down as it did years before? Will Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) have a strong case of Deja-vu? Certainly if another rape should occur, Elizabeth and Franco (Roger Howarth) will both be convinced that Tom is not the changed man he claims to be. How far will they go to bring the rapist down permanently? Stay tuned!

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