‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Billy Takes High Road – Vickie Considers Tricky

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Billy Takes High Road – Vickie Considers TrickyVickie (Amelia Heinle) has a weighty decision to make on ‘The Young and the Restless’. When offered an opportunity to chime in about it, Billy (Jason Thompson) took the unfamiliar high road. Even though he holds crucial information about Travis (Michael Roark), Billy opted to let his ex-wife make he own choice independently.

The gamble is that Vickie’s instincts will lead her away from ‘Tricky’. It’s a struggle for Billy not to divulge what he learned about Michelle (Kelly Frye) and Travis. Mr. Abbott wants the mother of his children to be happy. So, in this instance, he believes that not inserting himself into her life will pay dividends. But what if said inaction doesn’t?

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Travis initially appeared to be far more mature than Billy. Vickie finally seemed to make a break from her high-maintenance multi-time husband earlier this year when she moved onto Mr. Crawford. However, as the fall arrived Travis exhibited flaws that were strikingly similar to Billy-boy’s personality.

At the moment Vickie believes that Travis chose not to tell her about Michelle being in town due to situational awkwardness. And, later his over-drinking was a one-off that didn’t create lasting consequences. So no harm was done. Yes, she’s rationalizing big time.

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By not instantly accepting Travis’ marriage proposal Vickie is at least demonstrating that she’s not fully blinded by love. Whether the ‘l word’ accurately describes the emotions each partner feels is questionable. Certainly they like and are attracted to each other. But it does seem that ‘Tricky’ was born off rebounds from ‘Villy’ and ‘Trichelle’ accordingly.

Whether Billy can remain mute indefinitely is questionable. Viewers know this character’s history and that his ongoing love for Victoria trumps the crazy crush he had on Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). So if his ex-wife accepts Travis’ proposal all bets are off regarding Billy’s continued silence. Billy and Vickie share two children and remain soul mates. Both factors are certain to fuel whatever becomes of their joint, or separate future stories.

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