‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Michael Easton Returning To ‘GH’ – Dr. Silas Clay Back From The Dead?!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Michael Easton Returning To 'GH' - Dr. Silas Clay Back From The Dead?!‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that Michael Easton is returning to ‘GH!’  Easton’s character Silas Clay was killed off in 2015 – and his exit created an uproar among fans of the ABC soap opera.  Even Michael Easton was not too happy with his character’s exit, and he made that pretty clear in a couple of interviews.  Apparently, TPTB at ‘General Hospital’ heard the fans’ outcries – and Frank Valentini announced today in a video on Twitter that Easton will be returning!

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Frank Valentini has been teasing fans that he had a huge announcement to kick off Fan February – he took to Twitter on Tuesday February 2nd and teased his followers, “Guess what happened yesterday.”  Then he added “Let me just show you.”  Then Frank uploaded a video of himself and Easton in a grocery store.  In the video they casually bump in to each other in the cereal aisle – and Frank asks Michael if he is interested in returning to ‘General Hospital.’  Michael agrees to see Frank in a few weeks after Valentini teases that he “has something great for him.”

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In the video Frank didn’t specifically say what part Michael would be returning as though.  Are they bringing Silas Clay back from the dead?  Or could it be a different character that Easton played on the soap – Caleb or John McBane?  Regardless, we are so thrilled to welcome back Michael Easton and we can’t wait to see him back on our television screens!  What do you think of the surprise casting?  Let us know in the comments below!

UPDATE: Speculation is running rampant as to how Michael Easton is returning.  Although Frank’s video was vague, ABC’s current show manager Nathan Varni may have spilled the beans on the surprise – he posted on Facebook, “Easton returns soon to #‎gh in an exciting new role, more details to come later this month!”  So, Easton might not be playing ANY of his previous characters!

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announcement from Frank Valentini on Vimeo.


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  1. Joyce Taylor says

    That is great news!! Love Michael Easton, hated that they killed off Silas Clay.

  2. Bonnie Williams says

    Bring him back as John McBane!

  3. joyce says

    I like the new jason finally but like the old jason we watched him grow up hes family glad michael is coming back hescute

  4. Charlotte says

    Yes please bring Michael back put Jason and Sam back together

  5. Darlene Kraemer says

    I am so excited Michael Easton is coming back!! Please let the character make sense. He is such a strong personality, he deserves the best!

  6. Shortnsaszy (@Shortnsaszy) says

    While I am glad to see him return what is with GH bringing all these people back from the dead. Its getting like some creepy slasher show. We can just about guarantee that if someone from the show is killed off, they will be back, so dont worry. Lets see, we have Robin, Jason, Jake, Carlos, and who remembers who else.

    1. Sharon Watson says

      Jerry Jax, and Brother who was married to Carly the good Jax brother. They brought back Carlos, and well as long as Fiason does not come back we are goods

      1. Sharon Watson says

        Glad to see Max and Felicia back today that was super cool.

  7. Barbara says

    Love Michael Easton!! So happy they are bringing him back!!! Woohoooo!

  8. Amyd24 mike.amy81@yahoo.com says

    Please please stop the homo and lessie crap it’s disgusting to have to watch thank goodness for DVR (fast forward thru that mess )

  9. Nadine Johnson says

    Good grief! He’s been killed off twice, brought back as a twin. Does this mean there is a triplet soon to arrive? I love the suspense!

    1. Jenni says

      Not necessarily a triplet. Jerry Jax is still alive in the GH universe somewhere. As most likely is Helena, given this is NOT the first time she has died. Faison also has the resources to bring someone back from the dead. For that matter Obrecht could bring Silas back from the dead!!!

    2. Theresa says

      They should bring him back as a long lost brother. It will be wierd especially seeing KiKi and him together, since he was her dad. I want Jason and Sam together and for these writers to move on and stop dragging this out.

  10. Lucy Fois says

    Love Michael Saw hin in person. WOwo waht a guy. he can play any role and I will be happy. But I really love him as Mc Bain…NOT Silas or demon.

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