‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jason Stands By Sam As She Fights For Life – Near Death Experience Spurs ‘JaSam’ Reunion

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Stands By Sam As She Fights For Life - Near Death Experience Spurs 'JaSam' Reunion‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that while Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco] will make it out of Liz Webber’s [Rebecca Herbst] house alive, she will not be unscathed. We’ll see Sam clinging to life at GH while Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] sits worried at her side.

GH spoilers indicate that Sam will unintentionally set off a gas leak after Jake Webber [James Nigbor] leaves her trapped in the basement. Jake thought she was already dead from the fall and panicked. He will tuck her away and when she wakes, she’ll try to get out.

This sets off a disastrous chain of events that may culminate in Liz’s house burning to the ground putting both Sam and Liz at risk. The upshot is Sam will end up in unconscious at GH from inhaling gas and smoke – and the initial injuries from the fall.

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Liz will feel horrible about what happened to Sam – even though Jake didn’t intend any of this to go down. Sam was the one who pushed Jake and then it was just an accident gone awry. But when Liz sees Jason at Sam’s bedside, will that be the point where Liz realizes she can’t win Jason back?

Or will she press on despite the obvious signs that Jason wants only Sam? Sam will have some interesting hallucinations while she’s under the influence of the gas she inhales – and they are all about Jason. We will see some JaSam memories that will excite fans of the super couple.

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Jason Stands By Sam As She Fights For Life - Near Death Experience Spurs 'JaSam' Reunion

Then, when Sam wakes to Jason at her bedside, we will see a re-ignition of their relationship. Jason is already determined to recover his memories and try the hypnosis exercise. But GH spoiler hints from head writers Jean Passanante and Shelly Altman indicate the memories don’t matter.

At this point, Jason has recovered enough recollection of his life with Sam to remember their love and is ready to explore it. And seeing Sam fight for her life will make Jason more determined to explore their love and their relationship – finding a new path to love.

Liz will acknowledge that they all have to move forward from this incident. In fact, Sam was coming to try and make peace with Liz when the events with Jake unfolded. Liz will no doubt be upset that Sam confronted Jake instead of calling them and set off this explosion, but that’s water under the bridge.

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Liz, Sam and Jason have to move forward with Jake, Danny, and all these complications. Liz also has to face that, for now, she’s lost Jason to Sam and needs to move on with her life. Liz will find comfort in her budding friendship with Franco [Roger Howarth].

Some fans have already dubbed the Liz-Franco friendship “Friz” which is perfect. Liz will need someone to turn to when Jason turns all his romantic attention on Sam thanks to this crisis. But maybe new doc Griffin Munro [Matt Cohen] may be a potential partner for lovelorn Liz…

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  1. Tshaye Noel says

    I’m sooo excited for my favorite couple finding their way back to each other & very much relieved that Liz will be moving on?..Happy that GH is getting back on track..It’s my favorite soap opera in the world ??

  2. Patty says

    Sorry Sam had to be hurt for this reunion to get the jump start it’s been needing, but thrilled that Jasam is on it’s way to once again being a reality. I can only hope Liz can FINALLY get a clue and get Jake the help he’s been so desperately needing. She’s like a dang ostrich with it’s head in the sand. Ugh!!!

  3. Nicole says

    I’ll still NEVER understand how a hard head strong guy like Jason, who deeply loved his child with LIZ, forgave Sam so easily after WATCHING HIS CHILD get kidnapped. That’s just weird and NOT soulmate material. That storyline was the crappiest way back when that happened. So what if she jumped into a fire for Jake, She probably made herself be there for that too. When GH made them a couple, Jason got soft and clumsy and Sam, the con artist, got obsessive, obviously she lost her mind when Jason was still wanting Liz. I am not the only one to remember that Jason LOVED LIZ deeply. Sure they agreed to him allowing Lucky be Jake’s dad at some point, but people are forgetting that, HE LOVED LIZ…half the people who comment about forgiveness for watching a little boy, a baby be kidnapped must not be right. I know I wouldn’t be so forgiving, especially someone like Jason Morgan. And can someone tell me when does he find out Carly was set to marry Franco the suddenly healed psychopath twin brother. How is Jason Morgan going to handle that, Be all soft and forgiving again because that’s his “bestfriend”? Man make this show right again and let his memories of his LOVE FOR LIZ prevail!!! If not, pair him with Valerie. lol jk..anyways…the whole kidnappoing story is what made me not like Sam. I don’t care how sorry she was, it just proved she was spiteful. Anyone could see that at the time!!!

    1. Martha says

      LOL, Jason NEVER loved Liz like he did Sam, and that’a why he ALWAYS chose Sam. Liz has been and always will be something to do whenever Sam is not around. Liz is selfish woman who can’t even be bothered to take care of her kids, which is why Jake was hit by a car a second time. Liz cheated on the “love of her life” when she slept with Lucky’s brother, yep, that’s the kind of girl she is! How many daddy’s does she have? you would think she grew up in a brothel they way she acts. It’s just a matter of time before GH corrects everything and puts Jason and Sam back together and Liz can go have another baby with another man – Again!

    2. Jerri says

      Here is another all butterflies rainbows for Liz..yes Sam did crazy things do I need to remind you of the same over and over idiotic , stupid dumb things Liz has done.. Lies the cheating the paternity swapping .. Do I need to remind you how many baby daddy’s .. Really Sam is no saint .. And some things where hard to forgive , but she has been trying to make it of for years… Liz still hiding by that I’m so sweet BS.. If I was Sam … Liz wouldn’t have a face..

    3. Charley says

      You are so right about this on every level. Sam is not i not only a con artist, she’s an idiot. Everything she did from the moment she entered Liz’s home & began to interrogate little Jake was ILLEGAL. She should be spending some serious time in jail. As far as Liz is concereed, she & Jason were in love for a VERY LONG time.

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