Soap Poll: What Was The Most Memorable Soap Wedding Of All Time? Vote Now!

Soap Poll: What Was The Most Memorable Soap Wedding Of All Time? Vote Now!Weddings in soap opera land have been the stuff of legends – or can be complete flops. Many have been rushed or interrupted.  Each daytime drama has contributed many memorable weddings to the history of soap opera weddings. But what are the most memorable? Many come from the past when soap opera weddings were some of the most extravagant affairs ever attended and viewers tuned in by the millions to watch their favorite super couples exchange vows.

These are just a few of Soap Opera Spy’s picks for the Most Memorable Soap Opera Weddings. Vote below and let us know what you think in the comments section below! Think other soap weddings were more memorable? Let us know which you would have chosen?

“General Hospital”

Luke Spencer and Laura Webber

Billed as the “Wedding of the Decade” Luke and Laura’s first wedding in 1981 was the stuff of which legends are made. If anyone looked like a princess on her wedding day it was Laura Webber. For “GH” fans it was as close to the “Wedding of the Century” – Lady Diana Spencer to Prince Charles – as viewers could get! As a matter of fact, Laura’s dress had a train nearly as long as Princess Diana’s and a bouquet nearly as enormous! The similarity was probably no accident. Diana and Charles wed on July 23, 1981 – Luke and Laura married on November 7, 1981 – plenty of time for TPTB at “General Hospital” to create their own Royal Wedding.

Carly Benson and Sonny Corinthos

Carly [then Sarah Brown] and Sonny’s [Maurice Bernard] first wedding on February 26, 2001 was simple yet elegant. They were young and in love and it appeared that nothing could stand in the way of their undying commitment to each other. It wasn’t an over-the-top wedding “General Hospital” viewers had come to expect, but it was beautiful and the vows were heartfelt and beautiful.

“The Young and the Restless”

Nikki Reed and Victor Newman

It is nearly impossible to pick just one of Nikki and Victor’s wedding as the best. When Victor and Nikki wed the first time in 1984 daytime dramas were at the height of super coupledom and extravagant weddings. Nikki and Victor were no exception! At long last the exotic dancer was joined together in holy matrimony. As Nikki descended the staircase in the big white poufy dress and long veil covering her face that defined the 1980s bride, “Y&R” fans grabbed for the box of tissues and wept with joy.

Sharon Collins and Nicholas Newman

High school sweethearts Nick and Sharon almost eloped but decided on a traditional wedding in 1996. It wasn’t a large affair, but it was beautiful. Married by candlelight at the Newman Ranch, the young and deeply in love couple took their vows while a disapproving Victor Newman and Nikki Newman looked on.

“The Bold and the Beautiful”

Dr. Taylor Hayes and Ridge Forrester

After a long fought battle for Ridge Forrester’s [then Ronn Moss] heart, Taylor Hayes [Hunter Tylo] wed the love of her life in 1992 – the first time. Coming of the extravagant soap weddings of the 1980s, Taylor and Ridge enjoyed and intimate wedding. Brooke Logan [Katherine Kelly Lang] nearly ruined the ceremony but was too late to stop it.

Macy Alexander and Thorne Forrester

No one was really happy that Thorne [then Clayton Norcross] married Macy [Bobbie Eakes] in October 1990. As a matter of fact, no one expected anyone to show up to watch the two exchange vows in a candlelit ceremony. Thorne’s sister Felicia [Colleen Dion] was present but only because she believed Macy made Thorne happy. The couple sang “Here and Now” to each other before exchanging vows. Actually, they lip-synched, but it was still beautiful. Ridge and Eric eventually showed up before the couple was pronounced man and wife.

“Days of Our Lives”

Kayla Brady and Steve “Patch” Johnson

“Days of Our Lives” writers are responsible for some of the most lavish weddings ever produced. On July 25, 1988 Kayla [Mary Beth Evans] and Steve [Stephen Nichols] exchanged vows on a yacht in front of many fabulously dressed guests. In a wedding dress copied by young women all across America, Kayla had to find the courage to promise to love, honor, cherish and be faithful to Patch “as long as we shall live.” Lots of tears flowed – especially from Kayla and Patch!

Hope Williams and Bo Brady

A wedding to rival the Luke and Laura nuptials, Hope [Kristian Alfonso] and Bo Brady [Peter Reckell] married in an ostentatious wedding. Had any wedding seen so many flowers adorn a church absolutely packed with guests? Fancy Face gave her life and her love to Bo for all eternity. Excited that they were finally wed, Bo kissed his bride even before the priest was help to tell him to do so!

“All My Children”

Erica Kane and Dimitri Marick

Erica Kane [Susan Lucci] married many times – 10 to be exact, but a few weren’t exactly legal. However, Erica’s wedding to Count Dimitri Marick [Michael Nadar] was the most lavish of all. The bride’s daughters, Kendal Hart [Sarah Michelle Geller] and Bianca Montgomery [Lacey Chabert] served as mom’s bridesmaid and flower girl respectively. Though the formidable Miss Kane had been married many times before she chose to wear the biggest nearly white wedding gown she could find with a train several feet long – and a veil to match. Erica must have taken her cue for a bouquet from the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles! Erica vowed to love, honor, cherish and be faithful to the adoring Count – of course, that didn’t last. Nevertheless, it was a beautiful and memorable wedding filled with flowers, candles, friends and rivals. All of Pine Valley turned out to see Erica marry….again.

Dixie Cooney and Thaddeus “Tad” Martin

The path down the aisle was never easy for Dixie Cooney [Cady McClain] and Tad Martin [Michael E. Knight] any of the times the couple exchanged “I Dos.” The bride was walked down the aisle by her disapproving uncle Palmer Cortlandt [James Mitchell] in 1990 – though he disapproved of the wedding. In true “AMC” style Dixie wore a beautiful, but poufy, white wedding dress complete with perhaps the biggest veil ever seen on daytime television.

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