‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Betrays Valerie! Will She Forgive Him, Or Is It Over For Good?

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Curtis Betrays Valerie! Will She Forgive Him, Or Is It Over For Good?‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that Curtis’ relationship with Valerie may soon hit a major snag when he ends up betraying her trust. In the recent week, Curtis (Donnell Turner) has found himself thrown into the mix of the recent Corinthos car bombing situation which appeared to have claimed the life of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) son, Morgan Corinthos. (Bryan Craig)

Since that series of tragic events unfolded and left that devastating aftermath, Julian (William DeVry) has asked Curtis to look into the matter and is pushing Curtis to find evidence that Sonny was behind the car bombing. Will Curtis find what Julian is looking for?

As of late, we have seen, Curtis snooping around the Port Charles Police Department and Sonny’s office where Jason Morgan (Billy Miller) caught him red-handed. However, later he managed to take some photographs of evidence that Valerie had with her until she made the mistake of laying the folder down which contained confidential information pertaining to the case.

But, what will he do with this information? Perhaps, he will show it to Julian and come up with just what he needs in order to prove Sonny was behind the bombing after all. However, it doesn’t appear like Curtis has realized the serious repercussions that this sneaky act of betrayal will do to his newfound relationship with his police officer girlfriend, Valerie.

Jordan (Vinessa Aintoine) has recently warned Valerie that Curtis is not as honest or innocent as he pretends to be. Will Valerie notice that the evidence has been looked at or tampered with? Will Valerie suspect Curtis and confront him over it?

We know Curtis took photos of the evidence but how will Valerie react when she learns of this? No doubt she will be livid. Valerie has continued to believe he is a good man and is noble and would never do anything that might possibly jeopardize her job as a cop. But, this might be the one thing that will make Valerie close the door off completely to a romance with Curtis. T

his one act might just prove to her once and for all that Jordan was right to be leery of Curtis and will feel like he used his relationship with her to pry his way into the evidence folder. How will Curtis be able to defend himself, especially when it is revealed that Curtis is working for Julian.? No doubt, she will feel used and manipulated. Is this the end for Curtis and Valerie? It may be—stay tuned!

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