‘Days Of Our Lives’ RUMOR: Dearly Departed Daniel Jonas Is Father Of Chloe’s Unborn Baby?!

'Days Of Our Lives' RUMOR: Dearly Departed Daniel Jonas Is Father Of Chloe's Unborn Baby?!November sweeps will reveal huge surprises across soapland, but there’s one Days of Our Lives storyline rumors that’s sure to shock everyone!

The identity of Chloe Lane’s (Nadia Bjorlin) baby daddy will finally be revealed and if this explosive rumor is true, it’s safe to say that no one envisioned this gorgeous face in the mix!

That’s because this particular male Salemite isn’t hanging around town anymore, even though Nicole (Arianne Zucker) recently paid him a visit, and even spoke a few words to him…at his gravesite!

That’s right folks, dearly departed Dr. Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian) is supposedly, maybe, possibly…wait for it…Chloe’s baby daddy!

Impossible you say? Not in soap land, where an infamous turkey baster once played a part in finagling a pregnancy!

Soaps.com is reporting that Chloe isn’t pregnant with her child, or with her and Daniel’s child. If the rumor is true, Chloe will give birth to an embryo created by former lovebirds Daniel and Nicole!

How is this possible? Daniel died in a car accident before he and Nicole could marry. Nicole is presumably infertile. Viewers never saw these two at a clinic, let alone discussing fertility options before his demise.

Then again, Daniel was a doctor, and who knows what procedures he was up to late at night in his lab?

Before she left town to get away from Deimos (Vincent Irizarry), the presumed father, Chloe seemed to have a moment in which she realized who the real father was, and she was surprised, but not shocked at the identity.

If this outlandish rumor turns out to be true, complications will ensue for several Salemites. Will Chloe tell her bestie Nicole about the baby? Chloe was once married to Daniel and she may be tempted to keep a little piece of him for herself.

If Nicole does become a brand new mom, how will this affect her tentative relationship with Deimos?

One thing’s for certain, this previously run of the mill who’s-the-daddy storyline has suddenly become a red hot riddle!

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