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gh-poll-jasam‘General Hospital’ (GH) fans watched in horror in October of 2012, when Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) was shot on pier 52 while trying to rescue Bernie Abrahms (Richard Fancy) from a gunman. He was pushed into the water and presumed dead. Fans were heartbroken to have lost such a beloved Character. He and his wife Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) had just reunited and Baby Danny (Twins Jaxon and Jakob Kring) was a new addition to their lives. It seemed they had it all when tragedy struck.

Fast forward to 2014 and to the fans delight, Jason (Billy Miller) was not dead after all; but was being held captive by Helena Cassidine (Constance Towers) at Crichton-Clark Laboratories. Robin Scorpio (Kimberly McCullough), who was also Helena’s prisoner, escaped with Jason and the pair made a run for it back to Port Charles. The two were forced to split up and as fate, would have it, Jason was involved in an accident that would leave him without his memory and needing reconstructive surgery on his face. Once again JASAM fans were deprived of a reunion of their beloved twosome for another year and a half.

Now that Jason and Sam have finally made it back to each other and all seems right with the world, it would seem JASAM fans have a few points they would like to address: Even though they seem absolutely committed to each other, soulmates as it were, Sam seems a bit too clingy and afraid of losing Jason again.

While her life has changed with being a mother and expecting a new baby, she is not the same Sam who was never afraid to take chances; to risk life and limb for the sake of adventure. She seems to want to play it safe now. It appears Jason wants to cut and run; leave Port Charles all together for a “safer” life. He has rejected his association with his friend and brother Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) in favor of the quiet life. He abhors violence and has become a model citizen; even threatening to call the police in certain situations. Some fans want to know “Where is Stone Cold?”.

Fans pretty much agree that Sam and Jason have great chemistry together, but come across a bit boring. With that said, are Sam and Jason everything you had hoped for? Or have you been left disappointed and wanting more? Please vote in our SOS poll!

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