‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bree Williamson’s First Air Date Revealed – Claudette Has An Agenda!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Bree Williamson's First Air Date Revealed - Claudette Has An Agenda!‘General Hospital’ spoilers indicate Nathan’s [Ryan Paevey] ex-wife Claudette’s [Bree Williamson] arrival in Port Charles is imminent. When Claudette shows up in town there is obviously going to be a lot of trouble stirred up. Will Nathan and Maxie’s [Molly Burnett] relationship be a victim of the troublemaking Claudette?

Get ready to hate Claudette because Nathan’s ex – and we’re not quite sure she is his ex – isn’t in town to give her blessing to the couple. In fact, ‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that Claudette is a naughty girl with an agenda. ‘GH’ fans wonder if part of that agenda is to let Nathan know that he’s still legally married to her. Or, if Claudette and Nathan are divorced, does she want him back?

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In an interview with ABC Soaps In Depth available on newsstands now, Bree revealed that TPTB tailored the character of Claudette around her. How could Bree pass up the role? “All I needed was to hear that!” Bree explaining her reason for taking on the role.

‘General Hospital’ viewers should expect Bree to breeze into Port Charles on Friday, July 1 just in time to make the ‘GH’ summer storylines even hotter. Bree Williamson has been taping scenes with Nathan Paevey and Kirsten Storms’ temporary replacement Molly Burnett. As viewers know, Kirsten is on a medical leave of absence due to a skin condition. When Kirsten is healthy again TPTB do plan for her return to the soap opera.

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Bree Williamson is a familiar face to ABC soap opera fans. Bree’s last gig was on ‘One Life to Live’ as Jessica Buchanan. ‘OLTL’ incorporated a dissociative identity disorder into the storyline which brought out Jessica’s Tess and Bess personalities. Jessica’s mother, Victoria Lord [Erika Sleazak], suffered from the same mental health condition.

Are ‘GH’ viewers ready for Claudette’s arrival? Nathan and Maxie fans may not be happy if the couple splits up. But, you never know, Nathan and Claudette may have some fantastic chemistry and fans may come to love them as a couple.

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  1. susan says

    already i don’t like her

    can’t tell you how many times this stale story’s been done…..

  2. Dawnie Hodges says

    I really enjoyed her as Jessica on OLTL, however I really think that GH already has enough actors and most of them do not get enough screen time, so do not think we need any more. The stories should be built and reflect the current actors not call for newbies in order to tell it. JMO

    1. Ricky Nihan says

      Anybody remember the great erin torpey she was a little girl like starr a bit older she was awsome but its hard to b a recast goid luck bree u are a beautiful woman

  3. Kevin Pham says

    she better be a CASSIDINE here carry out helena’s curse death list… and not just some unreuitted torn lover between three people in another awkward episode of REWRITTEN “FRIENDS”…. and WIliamson is much to goo d an actress to just be just an ex-girlfriend CLAUDETTE better be a canadian cassdine or has something to do with HELENA….

  4. Ricky Nihan says

    Erin torpey originated the role of vikis Daughter it took a while to get used to recast bree ok she did a great job

  5. Ricky Nihan says

    Bree is great but erin torpey was the awsome actress that grew up as vikis daughter jessie as mom calls her i was not happy when erin left the role as the original jessica bucannan she created the role iconic jess and bree was a recast i had to get used to her she was totaly different than bree erin was not the GIRLY type bree was a GIRLYA type bree did do a great job and its tough to b a recast when erin torpey was awsome good luck bree

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