‘General Hospital’ RUMORS: Valentin Toying With Ava! Valentin Set The Bomb To Frame Sonny?

'General Hospital' RUMORS: Valentin Toying With Ava! Valentin Set The Bomb To Frame Sonny? Another day, another “General Hospital” (GH) rumor.  ‘General Hospital’ rumors are teasing that Ava (Maura West) will soon learn the identity of the person who has been texting her those unsettling and threatening messages. It is also being reported that the person torturing Ava is none other than Valentin Cassadine, the same person who lifted Morgan’s (Bryan Craig) bipolar medication from the trash, just a few days ago. But, why? Could Valentin be planning to blackmail Ava by threatening to expose her lies and secrets to Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly (Laura Wright)? Don’t underestimate a Cassadine—they have proven to all be ruthless when it comes to blackmail and stopping at nothing to get what they want!

Rumors also tease that Valentin may have another motive and this scheme may not be just about Ava. He may have another person in mind—Sonny Corinthos! Ever since that car bomb that supposedly took the life of his son, Morgan, everyone in Sonny’s life has turned against him, even Jason (Billy Miller) thinks that Sonny was behind the bomb. But, is he really? Maybe not!

Valentin may soon be revealed to be the one who framed Sonny for the death of his own son. Remember back when Valentin attempted to kidnap little Spencer and Sonny inconveniently interfered with his devious plan in order to claim what he always says; he as a Cassadine is entitled to? Well, the only person that stood in his way was – Spencer—and Sonny messed that plan up when he ambushed him and then later got him arrested.

Could this plan Valentin has cooked up, be a recipe for revenge? If so, it’s a very clever one since Sonny actually did originally have the bomb planted. Is it possible that the bomb that detonated was put there by Valentin and not Sonny or could the third-party that placed the bomb on Julian’s (William DeVry) car be tied to Valentin? What do you think General Hospital fans? It’s hard to believe that the TPTB at “General Hospital” will let Sonny be the one that killed his son.  If it ends up being Valentin,  it could get very interesting! Stay tuned!

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